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Found 8 results

  1. mod note: introductions merged: first introduction was titled how soon should I consider re-weaning off citalopram Hello there, Am really glad I found this site. I have been on Citalopram since 2008 for anxiety/depression. In the time between Jan 2008 and now, the highest dose I have taken is 20mg. I had one clear year of being off completely between April 2015 and April 2016, but then took MDMA recreationally in March 2016 and triggered a relapse. I ended up taking 10mg of citalopram again (doctor's advice.) You can see from my signature that in 2018, I was
  2. Hiya I am brand new to the site and am struggling to stay focussed and positive as l taper off venlafaxine. I have been on various psych meds for over 10 years and realise they no longer work for me/make my life worse. I've recently had to quit my job of 10 years and find simply adulting, never mind parenting overwhelming. My 2 little boys suffer because of my mental health and mood swings from over anxiousness to apathy, punctuated with inappropriate crying and irritation. I have no joy in my life. I am terrified about the impact on my boys and husband. Please will someone p
  3. So I was taking 75mg from Nov 2020, then suddenly stopped in March 11th. In those months I had some very odd, frightening situations which were around the time I missed a few days doses. Then after March 11, on March 13 it kicked in again. However, its not yet gone totally. Its quite frightening. My head is/was spinning, I felt very lightheaded and like im constantly half way to losing consciousness, cant keep a thought in my head before it vanishes to be replaced by another, memory problems, shaking/tremors, intense fear/panic that comes seemingly from nowhere, problems with disas
  4. Dear all, This has been put off for all too long. I am a 40-year-old male living in Scandinavia. Over the last twenty years I have been prescribed various SRI’s mainly to counter anxiety that debuted as a major panic attack in my early twenties during a stressful time in my life. It is like this experience opened a door that I have never been able to shut again. The anxiety has been there in varying degrees since that day. I am sure some of it is fueled by the fear of anxiety, but it feels like something broke that day. The switching between different drugs over the fir
  5. I’m new to the site and go by PDRE. I’m currently weaning off of Venlafaxine XR. I’m now to 37.5mg of regular I saw on another site to stay in the caps and count granules, but I shake, vision plays a part and I suffer numbness in my prominent hand, also anxiety ( Some symptoms due to other issues, although the drug prob makes it worse; as I’m finding out). My doctor did this so I can cut them. I just really need support and guidance. Ty I’m looking forward to meeting and learning. PDRE
  6. Hi. I used citalopram for 15 years and after that venlafaxin 300mg/day for three years. I tapered out Venlafaxin over 11 months last year. Now i have been without medication over six months. I have so much withdrawal-sympthom that im thinking of giving up and go back to medication. Im thinking of going back on a low dose of medication and try to tap it out again later using the 10% method. Do you have any recommendations about this? What dose will i goback to? Should i go back to a low dose or should i go up to the maximum dose i used before and start from there? Should i go back to venlafaxi
  7. Psycritic

    Helping others

    Hello, I don't expect a quick fix for this, but hopefully others experiences. My big brother, 32 years old and 6 years older than me, tried to taper Venlafaxin some months ago and I started supporting him with facts and long distance care, mostly e-mail. Some days ago he decided to take back his previous dose (his doctor said that it could no longer be tapering symptoms)! He trusts the prescribing GP and have talked about it with friends and our mother. He is reluctant to even take a look at what critics have to say and even said once that my facts were internet rumors, despite that I have
  8. Hi! This is my story: At the age of 23 I was taken with panic disorder. I had no previous experience with mental illness and went through hell experiencing this for the first time - saw myself locked up or not being able to take care of myself or live a "normal" live (whatever that is) ever again. This was during my last year at teacher training college. I was prescribed Anafranil (TCA) and also got Sobril (benzo) to cope with the anxiety during the first weeks of medication. After a couple of months with medication, therapy and breathing technique training I started feeling quite OK and so
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