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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I am so glad I found this site but I wish I found it before I quit my 150 mg Effexor XR prescription (83 days since I quit). I had brain zaps and nausea at first. Then really vivid dreams and a hyper sensitive sense of smell. Now I have insomnia and bad anxiety. Sometimes I can sleep 6-7 hours but mostly I wake up after a few hours with anxiety and dread and the realization that I'm still trapped in my WD which just makes it worse. I'm kicking myself for not tapering more slowly - I had heard that you have to taper off ADs (which I tried to do by alternating one 75-mg pill
  2. Hello to all! I was tapered, over a period of two months w/doctor's help, off of venlafaxine xr, buspirone, trazadone, and abilify. I had taken venlafaxine xr and abilify for 7 years and the other two for 14 years. Prior to the venlafaxine and abilify, I was on lexapro for 7 years. Considering the multiple meds and number of years of having taken them, I believe that my doctor tapered me down much too quickly. What is a real kicker is that when I contacted her to tell her I was having terrible symptoms, she diagnosed me over the phone with allergies and told me to go see my GP for further help
  3. My name is jeanette im on 100mgs of venafaxaline extended release.can i taper extended release suffering badly from benzo been off benzo for almost 4 yrs and still suffering i need off of this ad please help
  4. Hi everyone. I just wanted to say firstly that I only discovered this site 2 days ago and you have all been an absolute god send! I was in the throes of horrific withdrawal and after seeing how screwed up my doctor's advice has been I have reinstated some of my dose today and I feel like a different person already.... A bit about my history with antidepressants: I'm 32 years old and was put on nortriptyline originally in March 2018 for migraines. The migraines weren't affected in any way by these drugs (different story but in the last 4 months I have found
  5. Hi friends! I am a 24 year old male. I had been using Venlafaxine XR 225mg capsules for around a year and a half ( July 2017- April 2019). I'd started Venlafaxine for my chronic fatigue which was thought to be depression (it most probably was). Other drugs I used: -Pre Workouts(PW): Mix of Caffeine, PEAs, and a variety of nootropics. I used these almost daily to try to stay awake. They helped me enormously with school and social life; to the point that I got psychologically addicted. -Modafinil(rarely): Best antidepressant I've ever felt in my life when it was combin
  6. Hi, I am 37 male (not a native english speaker so please excuse my english). I read a lot from this forum many other sources on the internet. I have been taking venlafaxine XR 150 mg several years, then switched to XR 75mg without big issues, after another year I tried taking only about half capsule. Couple of weeks later taking even less than half capsule daily I decied to go cold turkey. Bad idea! After horrible withdrawal, I gave up the fourth day and reinstated. I developed tinnitus since that, but I get used to it. Now I would like to taper slowely and get off this medicine. I have
  7. Hello, I have recently learned that my body is experiencing a toxicity of sorts from taking venlafaxine ER. I started taking the brand name, Effexor ER, back in 2002 at about 37.5 mg for panic attacks. I tried to come off of it after a few years and experienced extreme panic attacks and was told by my doctor that I might have to take it forever like a diabetic does insulin. I resigned myself to this. Throughout the years as my depression and anxiety increased, the doctor increased my doses and eventually I ended up at 300 mg in 2017. The doctor assured me that although that was the max do
  8. Hi I am currently on Venlafaxine XR ( 150 mg ) and have decided to reduce my dose as feel in a stable place to try. Me and my doctor decided to taper down using 37.5 mg XL tablets as this is the smallest dose they do. Anyway I had very bad withdrawl symptoms which began after about 1.5 days after dropping the dos by 37.5 mg After about 9 weeks and still suffering from withdrawls I went back up to my normal 150 mg XL dose which helped. My question is how do I withdraw any less that 37.5 mg as this is the smallest tablet and I believe you are not able to cut the XR version of venla
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