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Found 11 results

  1. I've had a strong family history both maternal and paternal sides of family with depression. My mother has always battled depression. My dads sister was bi-polar and took her own life years ago. 2 years ago my brother took his own life the day after my birthday with no signs whatsoever that he was battling depression at all. After that I myself went into a bad bout of depression with guilt and remorse. I had to get help with medication, as I was understanding what he was feeling. I finaly had to get help. Before this I was in the best shape of my life. After battling with weight my whole life I was finally healthy and athletic and fit. I was doing crossfit and healthy mentally and physically. After my own bout of depression and taking months to get meds right. I was most recently up to 450 mg of bupropion. And 60 mg of fluexatine. I am now 60 lb heavier.... For months I have been back at the gym and working out and following weight watchers. I haven't lost a thing... after journaling and keeping track of workouts and diet, my regular Dr. and I have come to the fact that it is the medication that is doing something to my metabolism. I have been weaning off of Wellbutrin every week decreasing by 150 mg a week. I am now at 150 mg every other day. For now. I have been weaned off the Prozac and started on Trintellix 5mg and will go up to 20mg. Wondering if I should just get off altogether of everything so I can lose this weight... someone please help? Any advice would be great!
  2. I have been on a diet and exercise for about five years with satisfying result, by then I had been on 10gm paroxetine for premature ejaculation with no noticeable side affects, however in the last few months My doctor raised my dosage to be 20mg for issues related to depression, I had been on that dosage for about 4 months, by then I gained some weight and my body fat percentage increased despite being on the same diet and exercise then I got back to the old dosage 10gm, I lost few pounds and my shape got better but still not satisfied with the result and still struggling to get back to what I have been on, but no matter how much I try it’s not working for me and it’s so frustrating. My concern is: has the med ruined my metabolism rate and is it going to be permanent? Knowing that it’s only been five months since I decreased the dosage.
  3. I am diagnosed with Bi-Polar II. In January 2017 I was prescribed 50 mg/day of QUEtiapine. May dosage was increased to 100mg/day; and September increased to 200 mg/day. I’ve been suffering severe side effects to include skin rashes, chronic fatigue, insomnia, shin splints, significant weight gain, and change in food tastes and smells. I told my Physiatrist I wanted to change my medication so he prescribed me Aripiprazole 5mg/day. After researching this drug, I quickly realized its in the same family of anti-psychotic drugs with the same if not worse side effects. I took it at bed the first night I purchased the prescription and experienced a frenzy night of insomnia; tossing and turning all night in a bed of soggy sweat. I’ve decided to not take the Ariprazole and instead, taper myself off the QUEtiapine and off anti-psychotic drugs in their entirety. I’m going to attempt to taper in a shorter period of time than what is recommend on this site. I will start with 175 mg/day for 5 days and if all goes well will continue tapering down every 5 days.
  4. cindylou03


    I took some time to taper off Effexor. I decided to quit taking it after I forgot my pill one night and ended up crashing in the middle of a ski hill and being hauled down on a toboggan. I was wrecked for the rest of the weekend. My doctor recommended taking a pill every other night for 2 weeks and then stopping, but I choose to open the capsules and take out one little ball every night until there were none. I didn't have too many withdrawals symptoms and when I felt bad I just didn't remove additional balls that night. So, I off Effexor now, but I am concerned about the extra 15 pounds I am carrying. I have "emergency" xanax in case of anxiety and I am still on 10mg of lexapro. I'm an active person and my diet is generally good. I have always been small so this is uncomfortable for me. I know 15 pounds doesn't seem like a lot, but to me... it just is. I'm hoping to find experiences on here that will help me understand my situation and options. :) Thanks for listening!
  5. Hello Folks, New member here. I was taking 100mg of Pristiq for over 2 years. I had massive weight gain and generally I felt better, so I decided to come off it. I know the official stance is that weight gain shouldn't be possible, but with ME, it was. I exercise and eat healthily and over the duration of 2 years, have gained 30KG's. The drug has helped me though and has served its purpose. I started beginning of October, by going from 100MG to 50MG for 4 weeks, then 25MG for 2 weeks. After reading this forum, I know this may seem too short now, but I want to give it a try none the less. I am now 5 days in, having the typical brain zaps, emotional drainage and aches. I am seeing this through and I hope with the support of this forum, I will be able to better understand whats happening to me. Anyway, hello, and thanks for an awesome forum. James
  6. Hello all, new to this site. I am completely off of Wellbutrin as of August 11, 2017. My brief history: I was on 300 mg WB from 2005-summer 2014, when my dosage was upped to 450 mg. I was on 450 mg from summer 2014 through May 2017 when I began my taper. I've tried to get off WB twice before and went cold turkey both times. I gained weight and was so depressed I went back on WB within a month. This time, I tapered under my doctor's care. While I am thrilled to finally be off of WB, I am gaining weight like crazy. I eat healthfully and have been exercising like a fiend, but am still gaining weight (one day I did an hour and 20 mins of cardio and still gained a pound). And as a result, I'm starting to get very depressed again. I feel like I have absolutely no control over my body and what it is doing. I'm petrified as unfortunately, weight is a major issue for me psychologically. My question to the group is: has anyone experienced the same issue? There is a ton of anecdotal evidence that going off Wellbutrin causes weight gain. If you have, can you give me an idea of how much you gained and how long before it finally stopped? And were you able to successfully lose it again? I feel like if I know to a certain extent what is ahead, I can better brace myself. My doctor ordered a bunch of blood work, which I think is just her way of trying to placate me. Many thanks in advance...
  7. Hi there Im newish here. After 20 years on and off (mainly on), I have started a very slow gradual tapering of Clomipraimine,(brand name Anafranil), an old tri-cyclic. It has helped my chronic pain and depression, but I have put on so much weight, my health is now badly affected. Plus, I find it really hard to wake up in the mornings and my memory is shot. I have successfully slowly gone from 100mg to 55mg over a period of 5 months. I usually cut about 6 mg at one time (pill cutter). My last drop I must have calculated wrongly or this is a really hard drop, as all I want to do is sleep and when I stand up, my body is so stiff and achy, I feel like Im 90 (im 55) But Im determined to carry on as the 20kg wight gain has now affected my health. Im sick of it. I dont want to die young because of this drug. Any tips or someone who has actually cut Clomipramine successfully would be most helpful. Im also thinking of taking on a new job...but wonder if I should.... Many thanks, Liz
  8. Hello Everyone, This is my first post. My oh my, where to start. I guess from the beginning. I'm a 24 year old male. A year and a half ago, while still in college, I would smoke weed almost everyday. I had only started smoking about a year before that, so I would consider my experience with it slightly amateurish. I'm a normal kid, but I'm definitely shy, more than the average, introverted I guess. I'm also very sensitive. I don't like to be shy, I just care too much about what others think. I think this is why I turned to weed. It gave me happiness I guess you can say. I never had any serious problem with weed until February of 2015. Someone that I went to elementary school with committed suicide. He wasn't a friend but I knew who he was and when I heard the news, it really stunned me, I got really sad. Anyways, I carried on with my normal life and smoked a big blunt with a friend that night. I got really high, too high. All of a sudden I felt a big shift in my consciousness, something clicked in my brain. Everything felt very dull. Thoughts going through my head such as significance of life, purpose of anything, thoughts that I never thought about in my whole life, and anxiety that felt like a 20 lb weight on my chest. I thought to myself could this happen to me what happened to the kid who committed suicide. For the first time in my life I felt depressed. I didn't know what to do, I felt like I was on a different planet, everything just seemed really peculiar. The next morning was a Saturday, and all I could think is I need to see a psychiatrist, of course had to wait till Monday to make any calls. I just felt like crying because I didn't know what to do with myself. I was so mentally unstable. Let me fast forward a little. I finally got to a psychiatrist, after already meeting with a psychologist who recommended this psychiatrist. I told her all about how I was feeling and She prescribed me 10mg of escitalopram and 2.5mg of abilify because I was having racing thoughts. The escitalopram made me really tired, but it did help with the depression/anxiety. The abilify made me feel really weird. I got off of the abilify within a couple of months. By the summer of 2015 I got up to 20mg of escitalopram, going from 10 to 15 to 20. I guess you could say my depression and anxiety was pretty much gone by then, but I was always out of energy and I was already gaining weight. In September of 2015, now I've been on the lexapro for 7 months, I decided I really want to get off this drug. I would tell the psychiatrist that I just don't feel myself on it. The depression was gone, but I wouldn't laugh as much, couldn't cry, just felt very flat, and felt what some people call brain fog. I just don't want medication to help me function. I want my body/brain to heal itself naturally with time/diet/exercise/yoga/therapy/ anything that will help. I drop down to 15mg from 20 without telling my shrink. After about a week, I started feeling depressed. I talked about it with my psychologist( i was going to therapy weekly). Eventually telling my shrink, she recommended i go back to 20, but I didn't want to and after a couple of weeks, the depression subsided. I stayed at 15 for a couple months and i was feeling fine and still encouraged to get off this drug. I told my shrink I want to do this, so she gave me a taper schedule: go from 15 to 10 for 6 weeks, then 5 for 6 weeks, and then i can just stop. I had already been reading up on tapering and how difficult it is so i knew this would probably be too fast, but i dropped down to 10 anyways. Everything was fine i didn't feel any withdrawals. After those 6 weeks, i figured 10 to 5 is just too fast, so I dropped to 7.5mg instead. Again, everything was fine except for some dizzy spells i got once a day that would last about 10 minutes. I took some motion sickness medicine daily after feeling those withdrawals and the dizziness subsided. After those 6 weeks i dropped to 5mg. After about a week, I started feeling depressed. I couldn't handle the feeling, i had to stay strong because i'm an accountant and i have to work long hours sometimes. I called my shrink and she says "I think you were doing better at a higher dose and you should go back to 10mg". I just couldn't keep going backwards, so i just went back up to 7.5mg and i stayed there for about a month. After researching more, I found the 10% rule. I called the shrink and had her call in a prescription of the liquid form of lexapro. I dropped down to 6.75mg, i felt a little melancholic for the first week of dropping but i've leveled out, been going to the gym everyday, doing hard cardio. This is where I am now as of March 18, 2016. I plan to drop another 10% on April 1st. This has already felt like a really long road. If i continue with 10% reduction per month, I won't reach zero for a year and a half. Will it really take that long to get off of this drug??? that's longer than I've been on it. I'll never go on an SSRI ever again. I think this is a very pre-mature antidepressant and should only be prescribed to people who have a chronic illness that can only be fixed with medication. I never felt right while on this, and it feels close to impossible to get off of it. It's very easy to understand how people get stuck on these drugs for several years, to decades, or possibly indefinitely. To wrap this up, I'm on 6.75mg, following the 10% rule, Exercising daily, I still don't feel like myself before I ever took lexapro, but hopefully I will go back to myself When I reach zero. I haven't lost any of the weight that I've gained so that's even more the reason why I want to reach zero. I'm tired of the lack of energy, flatness, weird dreams, weight gain, etc. I'm sorry this is so long, but I wanted to give the whole story. For anyone who read till the end, Thank You!
  9. After my too-fast taper 8 months ago, I spent about 4 months in bed. Since then, I experience waves of not being able to do much and having to spend a lot of time in bed. A couple weeks ago a very stressful event happened that really set me back. I've been in bed almost all day every day since then. I've gained about 20 lbs in the 8 months I've been in withdrawal. I'm about 40 lbs overweight, now. Compared to the severity of the other symptoms I experience though, weight loss is not at the top of my list of priorities right now. I recently saw my mother several times and every time she told me I needed to lose weight. As though I don't already know that. I'm not comfortable or proud of the weight I've gained. It hurt my feelings that during the most difficult time of my life she would focus on criticizing me. It is a pattern of hers to be overly critical and negative, but I need her support and kindness right now more than ever. I explained that I knew I had gained weight and that I've not been able to do as much as I normally do. She just wouldn't stop criticizing my weight, and I got very angry. I told her to stop. I've given her resources to help her understand what I'm going through, but she just doesn't get it. I have talked to her a lot about withdrawal and how difficult this process has been. I think she's tired of me talking about it. I live alone and don't have much social support. I've had to rely on my parents a lot during the past year. It's been unhealthy and demoralizing, but I've had to in order to survive. Has anyone else faced this kind of lack of empathy and understanding? How have you dealt with it and was how you dealt effective? I would love your feedback.
  10. Hello all! I am very new to this forum. I found it while searching for help tapering and managing withdrawal symptoms. From what I have read so far, I am not alone here. I was diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder, major depression, and generalized anxiety disorder between 2006 and 2008. I used to have horrible panic attacks(that would even cause ticks), and I almost never left the house. Since then, my psychiatrist has tweaked doses of anti-depressants, mood-stabilizers, benzodiazapines, and more recently added Pregabalin to the mixture. I feel as if though I can function much better, and I have even been able to go for my AA degree. Here's my problem: I do NOT want to be on the Pregabalin. I know very little about it, and yet it has caused me serious pain and discomfort. It helps greatly with the anxiety, but my body is dependent upon it and my memory is very foggy. I feel trapped, because I just cannot come off of it alone. Stopping it completely is NOT an option. Around 48 hours after stopping, serious withdrawal kicks in--nausea, vomiting, join pain, head pain, GI problems and pain, serious fatigue, suicidal thoughts and much more. This is by far the worst sickness that I have ever been through. It feels worse than the flu. I don't know much about tapering, but I think if I want to stick with capsules, I can go down 25mg at a time with it. If that's too much, I could possibly ask for it in liquid form. I am afraid. Any encouraging words will help. The suicidal thoughts are the worst part..
  11. SourCherry

    SourCherry: Pristiq

    I have been taking Pristiq now for over two years. I stumbled accross forums on the topic and was shocked to see side effects I was experiencing, and had not made the connection to Pristiq. I never had a weight problem before I started taking it, but I am constantly hungry! Lack of motivation, I had no clue this was associated to Pristiq!! I thought I was just changing into a hermit! It was all I could do to go to visit my sisters! I never had a problem before I started this medicine. I guess I didn't associate lack of motivation because it didn't happen right away. At first I was full of energy! Felt great! But as time went on I put on a lot of weight and had to talk myself into the simplest tasks! After a year of being on Pristiq, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I have read that this has happened to other Pristiq users. However, my father has high blood pressure so this may just be hereditary. I decided to taper off!! I have read the horror stories of withdrawal and it scared me. However, I want off of this medicine! So Monday I took my 50mg dose and decided to take one every third day. Today is the third day, and although I am dizzy, it isn't anything that I can't tolerate. I decided to take one if the withdrawal gets bad enough. I know that cold turkey is not recommended but I figure if it isn't keeping me from working or doing my everyday things it was ok?! I will keep you all posted about the process for me. I know everyone is different so I would never recommend this method to anyone!!!!! I was just wondering if anyone else went this route? What kind of withdrawal symptoms you had? How did you taper off? Just stories about your experiece being on Prisitiq, the side effects you had while on it, and what made you decide to quit taking it and regain your life back:)
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