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Found 4 results

  1. SolidmiseryonAD

    Why and when did you decide to come off drugs?

    In November 2018, I started my tapering journey after a video on Youtube.com directed me here to Survivingantidepressants.org. And, I found the courage to start my journey. At that time, I was on 300-mg of Bupropion and have been experiencing 'poop-out' or tachyphylaxis for some time. Digestive issues, insomnia, emotional reactivity, fatigue, poor health were some of the problems that were making my quality of life poor. To add a little humor into this situation, I always thought that the drug's name, Bupropion, was the name of one of the demons from the bottomless pit of Hell.
  2. Hi, I have been taking bupropion 100 sr one tablet daily for the past two weeks. I have had some of the worst possible symptoms, including severe chest pain and tearing pain in my upper back that took me to my doctor who did not think is serious but I know in my body that the medicine is doing something to my heart and liver because I've never experienced this kind of pain before. Question: can I stop bupropion 100 sr cold turkey after being on it for two weeks or do I need to tamper the dosage? Thank you! Pyotr
  3. I used this website to successfully taper off of welbutrin about 5 years ago. Been on a magnesium bishlycinate chelate ever since. Ran out in April and didn’t think about it. Hindsite shows me that for about a month my brain was over processing on a problem I was manic to solve. I solved it. It was fantastic. Never felt so ALIVE until the lack of quality sleep became problematic. It honestly was best described as good mania which I have never experienced. Connected the sleep to the lack of magnesium. Started back up with a new brand and think I may have doubled my old dose. Sleep improved but
  4. I am Charlene from Utah USA, I am withdrawing (w/d) from Lamictal, and would like some help with it. Shortish summary of most recent mental health drug history: 150 mg/day lamictal, 50 mg/night trazadone (as needed for sleep), are current medications. I have already sucessfully w/d from 300 mg/day effexor, prior to that abilify (prior med was respiradal). I have script for wellbutrim that I have not started on, though I have taken it previously without (w/o) serious side effects, but wondered if it was "working" for less depression. I was recently diagnosed with anxiety, due to grea
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