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Found 6 results

  1. Hi. I just want to ask if anyone here underwent ERP therapy for OCD during his withdrawal syndrome? If yes I would like to hear your experiences. I´m 2 years off meds cold turkey and for a long time I realize that what i suffer from the beggining of my mental problems is primarily OCD. It is actually really developed and only thing that was helping me sedative my strong anxiety since meds went off was compulsively playing video games. Now i stopped playing and decided to treat my condition. Of course my cold turkey video games stop hit my nervous system hard and I´m back in a really bad wave,
  2. Hello everyone my name is Ryan and I am 31 years old, and I have been on antidepressants since about the age of 15. My first anti-depressant experience was with Zoloft which I took for about six years at a maximum dosage of 100 mg. After a stressful life events it’s in the medication stop working so I was then switched to Cymbalta which I took for another six years at a maximum dosage of 60 mg. After another stressful life events occurred all of my symptoms return back for the second time and I was then placed on the combination of Effexor and clomipramine, Both dosed at 75 mg. I
  3. Hello all, after much reading and looking around I finally mustered the courage and concentration to post my account. It all Started around August of 2016. My doctor had put me on Viibryd due to the sexual side effects that I had experienced from being on Trintellix. I have to say, I really did well on Trintellix . Everything was coming together. I think I was in a really good place in my life and everything felt like it was going to fall into place sooner or later. During this period I remember having an overwhelming sense of optimism. So believing that antidepressants are harmless off
  4. ChessieCat

    Email Campaign

    At the beginning of February I sent an email to Australian Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Counsellors and to NZ & UK (counsellors, if I remember correctly). Members are welcome to use any parts of the following Email & Business Card and refer to my website if they wish. The website is meant to be a "one stop spot" for ease of getting important information and as a pointer to SA's website. Please note that the website is not searchable in search engines. ________________________________________________ Email stats: 5,935 - successfully sent 2,0
  5. Hello everyone! I'm only interested in full recovery ( mental and physical wise ) and wanted to ask You all a question concerning this. Hope somebody more experienced can help me. It's been 34 days since I got out of the hospital ( entered 2017-06-16, got out 2017-07-07, so overall 21 days, hospitalized for the first time in my life, before that I was in perfect physical and cognitive shape, morphology before administering drugs also great ). The "medicine" I took was ( max dosages for a day ): Haloperidol 50 mg, Relanium 1 capsule ad hoc, Depakine Chrono 600 mg, Pernaz
  6. Hi, I just wonder how much time you went through your withdrawal syndrome until you felt totally fine? Weeks? Months? Years? Thank you.
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