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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, and thank you for this site. After multiple attempts to taper over the last 5/6 years, some medically supervised, some not, I came off citalopram 10mg at the end of June this year with the intention of pushing through withdrawal come what may. I had been on 20mg until earlier this year and decreased straight to 10mg which I’d been on for about three months. Needless to say now I am now not having fun at all and am considering reinstating. My intention was to replace the SSRI with 5htp which I’ve been taking for a week at 50mg then 100mg. I still have some citalopram tablets left (I’ve asked my husband to hide them) so am wondering if I should crush them and weigh them or just go straight to the liquid version and do it that way. I have a history of depression and anxiety, but at the moment am in a mental state I do not recognise, it’s utterly bleak and strange, like everything around me looks the same but I am a stranger to myself and my surroundings. I’m not sure I can do this long term. I’m not suicidal but have had fleeting very dark thoughts. Thank you in advance for any advice/thoughts. X
  2. Hello to all. Please accept my most sincere greetings. I know that all of us here are after a better life and the fact that all of us have ended up here by each other's side under one single umbrella means we all have what it takes to build a better more robust life. We are a precious community giving each other hope, helping hands and the necessary incentive and energy to carry on and reach the finish line with flying colors. We will all make it sooner or later. I for one have come into grips with weaning off of Nortriptyline. After almost 2 years of being on the drug for what initially was diagnosed as depression and anxiety, I recently decided to come off it. From what I had gathered mainly through surfing different websites and reading stories of struggles with antidepressants, I was confident that I my tapering has to happen garadually and smoothly, so distressing i was never instructed by my psychiatrist nor my psychologist about the importance and necessity of slow tapering. My maintenance dose was 100 mg for a year and half, then I went on a withdrawing process. I followed the famous 10 perecnt reduction for every 2 weeks. After almost 3 months, I'm now on 25 mg. I exeperienced a wide ranges of symptoms most notably tingling, paresthasia, insomnia and blurry and at times colorless vision on my right eye. Symtoms have become tougher these last steps leaving me with 2 major problems: 1. Some of my symtoms are so persistent and won't just go away namely tingling and prickling on my body and my declining vision quality with colors looking so drab and lifeless. I'm seriously afraid of continuing my taper as i feel this may deteriorate my current condition eventually leaving me with unstoppable poor vision quality as well as persistent paresthasia. 2. I live in Iran and the lowest-dose pills are 10 mg which are extremly small, the best I could do was to cut them into halves using a pill cutter with extreme difficulty. Now that I'm down to 10 percent of 25 mg, I need 2.5 mg pieces which is almost impossible to get. I'm stuck at this phase and I need some real help and advice from my esteemed co-combatants. I thank each and every one of you up front for helping me out. Good luck on your evetually brilliant taper journey.
  3. Hey Guys, Background: I am a 22 year old male living in Toronto, Canada. I started 50MG of Zoloft to deal with some issues stemming from childhood. Long story short, after picking up physical exercise and extensive therapy/reading/listening to podcasts (still not done), I felt a lot better and felt as though the antidepressants were not contributing much. In fact I was growing really tired of the emotional blunting I was experiencing, so I decided to go off them. Drug History: Started 50MG Zoloft on September 15th 2021. Went down to 25 mg in mid January 2022, then cold turkey'd two weeks after. Was feeling tired for the first week of both reductions in doses but was fine afterwards. Brain zaps after going cold turkey were a lot better after the first week. Question: Around 17 days after I went cold turkey, I decided to have a few drinks with my buddy because I felt fine (very minimal brain zaps etc). I do not usually drink, nor do I have a problem with alcohol, but I was eager to let loose a bit and have fun as I live a pretty hectic life for a 22 year old. The morning after, I felt really bad. Brain zaps came back (not as bad as before however), and I felt an intense level of hopelessness and sadness I never felt before. My question is, is this normal? It is really concerning me. I do however feel better at the time of me posting this (three days after). It's just really concerning because it feels like a setback with all the progress I made. Is this a common occurence? For the time being, I am taking a de-load week with my weight lifting routine to give my nervous system a break. Please excuse me if this question has been answered before in other forums. Thanks, god bless you all.
  4. Just thought I’d share my story and see what your opinions are. (Sorry a bit long) I was diagnosed with panic disorder and GAD back in February, After going to the ER thinking I was dying or was having a nervous break down. I then took some clonazepam .25 mg 1x for two days which really seemed to help me For a couple weeks, then again i experienced the same bad panic attack in March where i took the clonazepam again this time for 4 days 0.25 mg 1x per day. I then felt better for a couple of days. After that i started reading on benzos and decided i should stop taking it and that no matter what panic attack arrised i couldn’t take it again to not become dependent. Well around day 7 of not taking it anymore my body went into full panic mode, i was experiencing light sensitivity , depersonalization, constant nervous and screaming crying worrying i wasn’t going to get any better not knowing what was happening to me. I then said okay it’s time to get on something else that will help me with anxiety. Immediately my doctor prescribed me zoloft. Which i was freaking out about starting it and obsessively reading things online abt peoples experience with it. starting zoloft was hell in itself . I felt all symptoms you name it. It started with feeling of worried for a couple of days aand then feelings of being okay normal self for the next days and it would just be up and down up and down. I did start to notice that around my menstrual cycle the first month i would get deep feelings of sadness. Like a sadness i had not felt before. That would last until my period went away. the second month again, around my menstrual cycle is when i finally decided to cold turkey as per my doctor . I told her i had been experiencing weird thoughts on it, and that i would get moments of like racing thoughts where my mind wouldn’t shut up and I’d wake up with so much anxiety in the morning like in was going to go into another attack. So she suggested it might be some hormonal issues interfering with the med and told me to just stop taking it. I asked her if i could taper since i didn’t want to just stop. She said i wasn’t on it long enough to get any withdrawal .I went down to 25 mg two days and then just stopped. When i stoped i felt instantly better back to my normal self For about 2 days and then around 5th day of stopping is when i started having crying spells, , brain zaps, body shocks ,more wnxiety, feeling like i was losing my mind again very worried about my self and getting better. It was just hell. Fast forward to a month from withdrawal of zoloft , im still having the really bad down depression 10 days before my period started. Idk what to do at this point. I just feel really angry because i shouldn’t have been put in Ssri if i had no symptoms of depression prior to the zoloft. my doctor told me to go on a mood stabilizer which i thought was for bi polar but I’ve never been diagnosed bi polar or had any episodes of mania/ hypomania. I don’t want to go back to the same doctor that prescribed me the zoloft because. I know they will want to prescribe me something else. It’s getting really hard , i just keep trying to find a solution. Seeing that my vitamin d levels are low trying to bring that up. Just looking to see if there’s something else going on. But i cannot think about going another menstrual cycle feeling like this, it’s unbearable i cannot function it makes me feel like a bad wife and mother.once my period stop i noticed my mood starts to slowly lift back to being my normal self. Can someone share their story or a similar experience to an Ssri
  5. So recently I had to stop taking my lexapro… been on for 7 years stopped at 5mg…. Having issues with Parkinson’s movement tremors.. my eyes when I look left or right get stuck and cause me to have a seizure like symptom. Cannot focus my eyes. Feels like I’m going cross eyed and then starts the seizures… is this normal? It’s been 3 weeks now since taken… thinking of going back on so I can work and be normal!! ADVICE
  6. Hi, I’m new here and this is my first post after going through hellish symptoms. This is my medication history: Prozac - 2016 (sorry don’t remember dosage or exact time) Lexapro - 2017 (sorry don’t remember dosage or exact time)Pristiq - 50 mg daily -2019Pristiq - 100 mg daily -early 2020Pristiq - 125 mg daily + Mirtazapine- 30 mg daily - August 2020Recent history: Mirtazapine - 45 mg daily -increased in late Feb 2022Pristiq - weaned off in clinic over a period of 2 weeks late Feb to early Mar 2022Cymbalta - 30 mg daily for three days then 60 mg daily for three days In early Mar 2022- discontinued after telling psychiatrist about it making me feel like I’m on speed -1 mg of lorazepam few times a day while at clinic -1.25 mg of diazepam twice while at clinic Current:Mirtazapine -45 mg dailyReinstatement of Pristiq- 50 mg daily I’ve been feeling off since having covid in January 2022. Brain fog, fatigue and mental health deterioration didn’t subside a month after the illness. I have diagnosed depression and anxiety. My psychiatrist, whom I’ve been seeing as an outpatient on and off for the last two/three years has kept increasing my dose of pristiq and then added Mirtazapine when I’ve been in a difficult mental health spell. recently because I reacted so badly to cymbalta (felt like being on speed), I advocated strongly to get discharged after being at clinic for 2 weeks (was volunteer patient at mental health private clinic), and I told psychiatrist I’m stopping cymbalta. She told me to go off it cold turkey as I was only on it for 6 days. Since I’ve been back home, from Friday 11 March, my mental health has been on a steady and horrific decline. I have had terrible anxiety, constant weight and knot in my chest, can’t follow conversations, heart rate was 120 bpm at rest on cymbalta, hasn’t declined since I got off from it. Every day feels like an eternity. My partner, bless his soul is an amazing support but is reaching the point where my anxiety is so bad, nothing is helping, and he has to return to work tomorrow. I’ve already taken a month+3 weeks off from work this year due to first covid, then this. I’m supposed to return to work next week and I’m barely holding on to staying sane. I got desperate yesterday and went to a random gp to represcribe me with 50 mg of pristiq and he added 20 mg propranolol (beta blocker) for me to take for accelerated heart rate. I’m in an emergency department at the moment because I didn’t know how else to get help. I was getting so desperate and sick of being in this constant state of 100% stress. I purposefully didn’t get a prescription for anything else from the psychiatrist except for the Mirtazapine because I so strongly want to come off medication. I’m so scared right now. Is this what withdrawal is like? How long do I have to give the reinstatement of pristiq to work? Should I go on other meds? This feels like hell. Heart racing, I can’t sleep properly at night, feels like I'm wading through water please, I’m desperate. I’ve searched this forum thoroughly and have reached a point where I need specific advice. Please help me
  7. Hi, everyone! I'm Justin and...I need help. I've been experiencing complex physical symptoms since coming off Effexor 37.5mg in June 2021. To make matters worse, I have a preexisting physical problem that got worse when trying to treat the withdrawal symptoms. Things are very tangled now and I'm having trouble. 15 years ago, in 2007, I had a bizarre UTI/bladder infection that, upon resolution, caused weird lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). This caused anxiety, and after years of resistance, I went on Effexor 75mg in 2010. They worked: I could sleep and function again. I was on Effexor 75 for about 11 years, with a few short stints off the meds. Every time I tried to go off, I experienced sudden and severe sexual dysfunction. Clearly a withdrawal effect. I never had any sexual problems before or during my time on Effexor (save for difficulty orgasming on meds). In 2020, I finally managed to taper down to 37.5 without experiencing sexual problems. In early 2021, I started figuring out how to taper off entirely. My psychiatrist suggested we slowly add hours to the interval between Effexor doses. I ended up slowly adding hours over 3 1/2 months until I decided I was ready to stop. The result? Sexual dysfunction avoided! The downside? Other bizarre problems that I'm still dealing with now. I finished that taper in June 2021. Here's what happened: My withdrawal data Within 36 hours of taking my last dose, I lost all athletic conditioning. I had been a high-level tennis player and runner...and I could no longer run a mile or hit a few balls on court without getting dizzy, seeing stars, and feeling like I was going to black out and die. My feet/body simply would not move. I started peeing excessively in the early mornings. Yes, I already had weird lower urinary tract symptoms. These symptoms were new and different. These symptoms didn't improve for about 3 months. Because I am an idiot (and because I wasn't sleeping well due to the nocturia) I went down a Google rabbit hole and convinced myself that I needed pelvic floor therapy for the urination. Pelvic floor PT instantly made my preexisting urinary symptoms worse and the poor sleep I already had got even worse as well. I reinstated Effexor 37.5 at this point, hoping for some cure. Reinstating helped with 2 things: My athletic conditioning returned within a couple days. The excessive urination while sleeping subsided. However, whatever the pelvic therapy did to my preexisting LUTS stuck around, since it was not related to medication. The result? Even though I had reinstated and my mood was better, I still wasn't sleeping. I finally tapered off, using the "adding hours" method, and finished in November. The upshot? When I finished the taper, the exercise problems returned. They are not nearly as severe this time. The nighttime urination returned, as well. I now believe this is my autonomic nervous system reacting to medication withdrawal. My sleep quality is very poor, exacerbated by things like alcohol (even in moderation). All of this is made worse by my preexisting urinary problems. What I know I'm experiencing two problems whose symptoms somewhat overlap. Lower urinary tract issues made worse by pelvic therapy--this isn't meds-related, but it's part of my story. What I believe is autonomic dysfunction, causing exercise intolerance, poor sleep, and different urinary problems. I appreciate that my tapering has been much quicker than what you recommend. What's weird is that these tapers have been much slower than other tapers in the past, but those tapers didn't cause any of these catastrophic problems (other than sexual dysfunction). The problems I'm having trouble taking smart, well-meaning urologists through these complicated problems. I recently moved back home to Boston, where wait times for new patients to see GPs or specialists are horribly long (months and months). I do not currently have a psychiatrist, since I just moved and it's hard finding someone with any experience in medication withdrawal, let alone someone who's taking new patients these days. Has anyone experienced similar nervous system problems when coming off? Any ideas/input at all? I'm trying to treat the issues that aren't medication-related, but there's clearly something else still going on--these problems kicked in way too soon for it to be just a relapse of my anxiety. If you've made it this far, I appreciate it!
  8. Hello, I started Lexapro in 2001 (10 mg) for mild anxiety and occasional panic attacks. While I was very stable on the medication with minimal side effects, I was interested in tapering off after 20 years. My goal was to eliminate my dependence on the SSRI and gain a sense of greater emotional vitality and range. On the advice of my physician, I tapered from 10mg to 0mg over 40 days in Aug-Sept 2021. I now realize that may have been to brief a period. My last dose was 2.5mg on 9/20/21. I felt reasonably good for the first couple weeks after stopping; then noticed heightened emotional reactions, including sadness, anger and increasing jumps in baseline anxiety. As the weeks have gone by, the increase in my baseline anxiety has become the main issue. On any given day, my anxiety is in the 5-7 range (on scale of 0-10, with 10 being worst). The anxiety makes me irritable, quick to anger and very uncomfortable. It's exhausting and saps my energy. I exercise regularly (indoor cycling), eat well and generally get good quality sleep. I'm working with a therapist, using the "Untangling Anxiety" app (MBSR approach) and meditating semi-regularly. I tried a CBD tincture for a few days. I'm not taking any other medications or supplements. It's been about 2 months since my last dose. I want these various interventions to work, but I'm not finding relief. I'm at the point where I'm not sure if I should go back on Lexapro or hold tight for another month or two. I'm also not clear if I'm still experiencing Lexapro withdrawal or just experiencing a return to the mild anxiety I had 20 years ago. It feels much worse. If this story rings true for you, or if you have walked this road, I'd really appreciate your thoughts or guidance. Thank you in advance!
  9. I've had issues with acid reflux for years, treated with ranitidine. Ranitidine was taken off the market last year. I did try a couple of other medications but did not do well on them. In March 2021 I had an endoscopy. The GI doc said my stomach spasms and Mirtazapine would fix it. I would be on it for 6 months and should be fixed. I was pretty happy; I don't do well with other drugs used for reflux and none of them are a permanent fix. He started me on 7.5 mg and increased to 15 mg. At first it was my miracle drug. I had been getting a lot of nausea when I had no medications, and it immediately took the nausea away. And I had no side effects. But about two months later I started feeling out-of-it. I think it's called depersonalization...like things weren't real. (I've since read that this is a side effect for some.) It started quite suddenly. I called my doctor. He decreased me to 7.5 mg, then 1/2 of that. I even went off for a few days. On the 1/2 dose my nausea came back. Ultimately he increased me back to 7.5 mg. Going back to 7.5, the nausea and the depersonalization went away. I was good again for a couple of months again. Then the depersonalization came back. I cannot express how much I hate that symptom. The rest gets a little fuzzy; I lose track of time but in a nutshell, at the advice of doctors I've been off, back on, and off again. Every time I go off, a week or so later I get full of nausea and some fogginess and some depersonalization. I have found a doctor who listens and agrees it might be withdrawal, but he doesn't know for sure. With his support, I found a way to get ranitidine and it seems to me the reflux symptoms are better (no more heartburn, and the globus sensation has improved.) But could this actually be reflux or something else, or does it sound typical of withdrawal? A couple of things: I do better in the evenings, and sometimes even by later afternoon. Now and then I even feel close to normal before I go to bed but I dread bedtime, because the next day I have to start this over. Lately I've been declining but I have had periods where I've been better for a few days to a couple of weeks. Last time I felt good I was taking 7.5 mg every third day (per doctor's advice) and taking rantidine. But the depersonalization came back so I just quit the mertazipine altogether per doctor's suggestion. Next week I see my doctor again, but also a new GI doctor. Is it worth mentioning withdrawal to him or does this not sound like that? Since I do not do well on 1/2 of 7.5 mg, would that rule out withdrawal?
  10. Hey there, This is my first post and I'm feeling rather desperate. I'm a 26 year old woman and have been on Lexapro for over 6 years now. Around that time, I also became chronically fatigued (could easily sleep 12+ hours, couldn't keep my eyes open on the bus, work etc...) and no doctor told me that antidepressants could be the main cause. During that time, I tried adding Wellbutrin to no avail, and also got various blood tests, sleep studies, changed times of day I took my meds, tried supplements, different diets etc... and nothing seemed to help. Only after doing some research on Reddit am I realizing that Lexapro causes this chronic fatigue for a lot of other people and after trying Wellbutrin one more time with no increased energy, I've decided to taper. It is nearly impossible to find a doctor where I live, and my current GP told me I could taper from my current 10mg dose in 2 weeks which seems insane from what I've read. I went on 5mg for 2 months and am currently taking 5mg every second day, and my fatigue is only getting worse and I'm at the point where I'm unable to function. Is there a better way I could be tapering? How long should I expect this fatigue to last? Thank you so much.
  11. Lizzard

    Seroxat hell

    Hi, I struggle a lot with anxiety, so at some point it was so bad that I’ve decided to take medication for it, I started taking 10mg a day for about 3 months. Then I increased it to 20mg for another 3 months. After I’ve gained almost 10kg and I was feeling uncomfortable, I’ve decided to stop. my doctor told me to take 10 mg for 2 weeks and then stop. I just completed my first week off the medication and I feel terrible. I needed to stop working because the withdrawals are too bad! I feel nauseous all the time, I am sensitive to everything and I could cry 24/7. I feel like I only exist and my body is separated from my mind. I am completely overwhelmed by literally everything. When does it stop and is there any advice ? thank you
  12. First I want to thank this community for providing such critical support to so many in need of informed guidance. I am here to seek advice for reinstating after having tapered of Lexapro WAY too fast (throwing my brain off a bridge). This was my second time on Lexapro for anxiety/depression with a starting dose of 5 mg for 5 months, increase to 10 mg for 5 months. Though Lexapro worked for me the first time (from 2008-2016 at 10 mg) , this second time around it hasn't worked nearly as well to address my anxiety and associated light insomnia. As a result, I decided to take myself off Lexapro (which I realize I should not have done without guidance.) After my taper, I felt okay for about 5 weeks. But around week 6 I started having anxiety and insomnia like I have never experienced before. I tried to ride it out but when severe depression set it, I decided I needed help. Since we had moved overseas during this time, I had to find a new psychiatrist. She put me on Paxil 10 mg, which significantly increased my anxiety and depression so much she took me off after a week. She then put me back on Lexapro 5 mg, which seemed to kick off severe insomnia - 5 nights with less than 2 hours sleep. Now she wants me to stop Lexapro and start Mirtazapine 15 mg since she says it will help with insomnia and weight loss (I am about 8 pounds underweight.). Having read through several SA threads and guides, I think it might be better if I just try and stabilize with the Lexapro. Though perhaps that window has closed and I should just switch to Mirtazapine and stabilize on that for several months before planning your advised 10% taper. I appreciate any guidance.
  13. Hey all, So I have been taking amitriptyline 10mg for 2 years, and just recently tapered off fairly rapidly. I was prescribed them for severe OCD, which I conquered about a year ago. I don't know if how I'm feeling is down to withdrawal from this drug, but I feel awful. Depressed, moody, very irritable, and most annoyingly of all - internal tremors that feel like my bed is constantly vibrating. I tapered down from 10mg to 5mg and then took one every other day, this process was about 3 weeks until I stopped completely. And it's been 4 weeks since I stopped completely. I know such a small dose shouldn't cause such withdrawal symptoms, but it definitely does, as about a year ago I ran out of them for 10 days and felt awful then too. I've flirted with the idea of jumping back on them and then tapering down even more gradually (if that's even possible), but I don't want to end up back at square one, when I could be so close to reaching the end of these withdrawal symptoms. The questions I need answering are: After 4 weeks of these withdrawal symptoms, should I ride it out from here, or jump back on and try tapering off more slowly? How much longer are these symptoms likely to last? Also, are there any vitamins or supplements I could take to make this easier in the meantime? Thanks
  14. Hello guys, I already shared my story in another forum and now I thought of sharing it also in this community. My story starts about 3,5 years ago, there I was 22 years old, I broke up with my first big love and this kinda left me desperate. I tried compensating it with a lot of work, working out in the gym and partying. I was always looking for a distraction, something that made me feel good and I always played the nice and happy guy in front of the others. Somehow it worked, I liked my life back then, I loved my job (i worked in a spa center as a sauna coach), it really fulfilled me. At the same time I attended courses to become a personal trainer. But a year later (may 2017) my facade started to crumble, I had no energy and anxiety and panic attacks started to evolve. Desperate as I was, i went to the doctor and after insisting on a blood test (which was fine) he prescribed me Venlafaxin 75mg, also known as effexor, telling me it would help to get my energy back. And there the whole nightmare was about to start. Sleeping got way worse ( it took me a long time to fall asleep and in the morning i could not get out of the bed, fatigued as i was), but the worst symptom was the derealization and depersonalization. At this time I didn’t know that it came from the drugs. The doctor told me the dose was to low and he wanted to prescribe me 150mg. But I refused. At this time I had already changed job. When I came home from the job I was so tired I fell asleep for 2 hours, wacking up all dizzy. On September 17 i decided to taper off these drugs, because I didn’t feel confident at all. My doctor didn’t tell me anything about the withdrawal symptoms, he only gave me the smallest available dose of 37,5mg. I started taking them and strangely at the Beginning I felt better, I had more energy and had some better days. 1 month later, even though I didn’t feel that good, I decided to take the next step and to taper off 5 mg every week. At this time I didn’t know the steps were too big. On December 17 I reached 0mg and was looking forward to get back to normal life and by new year I felt mostly normal. But then slowly the withdrawal symptoms started to kick in. Somehow I just tried to survive day by day. Then in May 18 I decided to quit my job and to relax. I had some better and some bad days. On July 18 although I was not in the best conditions, me and my Brother decided to go on a journey, we travelled around Asia for 2 months. I hoped this journey can heal me somehow. Although it was a great experience unfortunately I was not able to get back to normal. Back home I started working for some hours, started working out and playing Icehockey. Then in May 19 I decided to get a full time job and to make the best out of my life. So I got this full time job in an office, started to get more ambitious in the gym (I changed body exercises mostly without weights) and in summer i was hiking 1x week. I tried to ignore my symptoms and just did what I liked. More or less the daily procedure of the symptoms were the same, so somehow I got used to it. Powering me out in the gym or in the mountains made me feel happy and alleviated the symptoms. But than again in September anxiety started to come back and I got some terrible headache, luckily I had 2 weeks of vacation and travelled with my friends to Asia. I was worried about me and how I could handle the vacation with my new arisen symptoms, but the end I had some really great days mostly without any symptoms. Back home the hole situation started to get worse, anxiety and headaches almost every day, I was devastated. I was not sure if the symptoms came from the withdrawal or if I got back into burnout, or overtraining. The symptoms I felt this time were different than the whole summer. Further my sleep got worse and I had some periods of stomachache. I mean I really did a lot of sports throughout the summer, but I did all those things to become more aware of my body. By now I am meditating everyday for almost a year, I added 5x/ week yoga in summer in the morning before i got to work and I worked out 3x/ week, plus I went hiking with my friends once a week. I know it seems a lot and maybe I exceeded my limits. The thing is when im feeling down I push myself and try to motivate myself, I tried to show myself and the world that nothing can bring me down. Right now I feel a little lost, I don’t know if I should give up the sport for maybe some weeks and se how it goes. All I know is that sports is my life and I would get mad if I have to quit. I already try to do less, right know I am so cowed and I am not able to make decisions. What do you think? Thanks for reading this Best regards
  15. Hi! I had a horrid withdrawal experience when I tapered off of cymbata last February. My pyschs instructions for tapering were over one or two weeks I believe. The month following was hands down the worst thing I have ever experienced. I had a migraine that never went away, brain zaps, out of body experience feeling, 24/7 nausea,.. I was just an absolute zombie. In October my doctor started me on pristiq. I did not do any research initially. When I did I realized that cymbalta and pristiq are in the same class of SNRI’s. And I read about people’s experiences withdrawing from pristiq and they sound exactly like my horrible experience with cymbalta. so I’m going to call my psych on Monday and discuss tapering off the pristiq. I am on 100mg of pristiq. And I’ve only been on it for five months. praying for the best but I’m scared!!
  16. Hello to everyone on here I’m so glad this site exists because it’s gave me a lot of hope and knowledge to help me through my withdrawal. Im gunna try to describe my experience the best I can but my memory has suffered a lot through this. In October of 2016 I was put on 50mg of sertraline because I had anxiety and depression. I was on this dosage right up until summer of 2018 then I had my dosage increased to 100mg. I then stayed on 100mg until May 2020. I then tapered off the meds very quickly and by august 2020 I was completely off them, I was just following the doctors advice. The reason I chose to come off the meds was because I had really awful side effects such as brain fog, vision impairment, derealisation, worsened depression and anxiety and the list goes on and just wasn’t ‘living’ anymore, I was merely dragging myself through life while on this medication. I didn’t feel pleasure anymore and felt like i was having to force my emotions out. I didn’t feel like I used to anymore I didn’t feel alive and thriving like I should’ve been. Everything seemed dull and Grey and I couldn’t enjoy anything. I have been off the meds for six months now and the withdrawal has been utter hell. The first two weeks of withdrawal I also had tested positive for covid 19 so that made me even worse I was literally curled up in a ball on my bed trying not to die basically. the withdrawal has by far been worse than the side effects of the meds, I suffer every single day, I get really obsessive thoughts, suicidal thoughts, derealisation/depersonalisation, memory problems, vision impairment, crazy dreams, I have alcohol and food intolerance, severe brain fog it’s as if someone’s holding a sheet over my eyes and I can see through it but just not properly, I feel disconnected from the world, everything seems weird to me like technology and I find it hard to do simple things like watch a film or play a game it makes me feel weirdly sick. Although I’m going through this I’m VERY determined to beat this and will never give up. any advice will be greatly appreciated. thankyou
  17. MOD NOTE: contains content which may be triggering for some members Hi, I have been "stalking" this website for a while now, I saw a couple stories that were a lot like mine. I never knew how much harm these darn medications could do, moreover, I was so glad I found that I was not alone in this. I felt like crying tears of relief when I found this community. Im not sure where to start so I will just give a basic "run-down" of my history; I came from an abusive background. My father abused me when I was younger, and my neighbor "took advantage" of me when I was 8, repeatedly. Im thankful I am not in that situation anymore, but those experiences did leave me with some "battle scars." I was diagnosed in early 2014 as having OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Disorder, PTSD, and ADD. I knew I had some things from childhood, like the OCD, Depression, Anxiety and of course the ADD (That one is a bit hard to miss) But I was so shocked to find what had happened to me did give me PTSD. It was such a shock. I was hospitalized in late 2014 for a suicide attempt and that was my first introduction into the Antidepressants. To be honest they never really helped me. I was put on Prozac, not sure the dose, but I quit cold turkey after 3 maybe 4 weeks on it now that I think back to it. No side effects. No nothing. Then I was prescribed with several things back to back, Zoloft, Cymbalta, Effexor, I would only take 1 or 2 pills before not taking them anymore as I just felt the medication just masked the problem without actually fixing it. The only one that really did help a bit was Effexor but I got so jittery it was ridiculous I stopped after 2 days of use. again, no side effects, I was blessed. I was given Xanax for my panic attacks, i took it sparingly. Then I was given medication for my ADD, I thought "why not" and gave it a try since I was having trouble focusing especially in the workplace. I was given focalin. It completely destroyed me. I had a OCD flare up like no other. I ended up hospitalized from early May to late July/ Early August. It was a nightmare even though it did make me perform better, it was OCD hell. I recovered in a few days and was put on Paxil. 40 mg. and Trazadone for sleep which was switched with another type of sleep medication. I would take a combination of Trazadone and a cocktail of other sleep medications on and off. The doctor never warned me of the side effects of these stupid medications. I started having Nervous sweats, shaking which I believe to be called "akathesia", hypersensitivity, more panic attacks, PTSD episodes, OCD episodes. and weird sensations in my private parts that from what I have been reading, is called "PGAD" , horrible insomnia, sensations that are not there, so severe somatization, tinnitus that comes and goes, depersonalization, less able to focus, and an increase in paranoia. I ended up worse than when I started with this mess.. I have been though enough. Since I have been stalking this website I have been following a few stories that were a lot like mine and trying to mimic them in their withdrawal. I went from 40mg of Paxil to 21 mg. Probably too fast. I have been following Hopefull, ASkyFullOfHappy, MamaP, Gentle Steps, Petunia, MollyN especially since some of their stories really mirror mine in one way or another. Im sorry for stalking ya'll, I am actually very embarrassed, but I was recently given the courage to make my own account since I feel like I still don't know what I am doing sometimes, and honestly my symptoms, although they have improved a slight bit, they are not where I need them to be. I hope with some guidance I can get on the right track here, and maybe help a couple people out as well.
  18. Hi. I was on Lexapro for 20 years, 20 mgs at the end. I went off pretty much cold turkey about 6 weeks ago - tapered for about two weeks to try other meds. Didn't know about this site or the implications. Did not really go forward with other meds. Using small doses of Mirtazapine to sleep. Went on Lexapro 20 years ago for Anxiety. Depression kicked in a year ago and has gotten much worse. Hence, time for a change from the Lexapro. Was told it "pooped out." Since going off, Anxiety is back. Also dizzy and nausea. Symptoms not as bad as I have read about from others, but I don't want to go back to the Anxiety for sure. Very hard to explain some of the withdrawal effects, but not pleasant. Don't know what I should be doing at this point. I would like to try and reinstate. The Anxiety was well dealt with on the Lexapro. Can I reinstate parts of the 20 mg tabs with a pill splitter? Or should I ask for a low dose Rx? Can I reinstate after 6 weeks? Should I Reinstate? I would reinstate to go back on, not to taper off. I stopped at the worst point of the depression. Completely upside down logic. I wish I just stayed on.
  19. Hi There,I've been on a low does of Amitriptyline for almost 19 years - 10 MG. I have been slowly tapering off for about 11 months. About 2 months ago I got down to 2mgs. While i had withdrawal symptoms for about two weeks each time i lowered the dose previously with the last reduction from 2.2 - 2 mg's I have been experiencing more severe and protracted symptoms. It has been about 2-3 months and the symptoms have been changing and actually getting worse over this time. At first I was feeling anxious, then I had feelings of just being slightly not myself, not here and very , very flat. Now I have nausea and severe headaches, insomnia and fatigue It seems surprising to me that these symptoms should kick in after such a gradual and small reduction. And I wonder if something else might be the cause of my symptoms? Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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