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  1. KittenLePurr, here. Thank you so much for maintaining this site and for welcoming me here❤️ I was put on psych meds as a child, at age 12. I'm still working through a lot of anger around that. My parents did the best they could but, you know, they were traumatized by their parents, who were traumatized by their parents, etc., and they were all taught to blindly trust doctors and to essentially live in fear of their bodies. Thanks, Western medicine. Anyway, so, as a highly sensitive child who felt deeply depressed and uncomfortable in the world, I presented quite a set of challenges
  2. Hello everybody, I'm a girl from Europe and I am having some troubles with withdrawal. I started taking Venlafaxine 75mg 10 years ago when I was still very young because of light depression and was pretty quickly upped to 225mg. 5 years ago I first started tapering. Down to 37,5mg in about 1,5 years and then stopped. It was pretty tough but mostly not completely debilitating until around 8 months of stopping when I started having severe insomnia and a lot of other difficult symptoms like DR, akathisia, anxiety (or maybe I should say terror), aches and a lot of othe
  3. Please help! I was on 30mg of Celexa for 3 months for generalized anxiety. After coming off of Celexa, I developed PGAD which I’m learning is unfortunately happening to people a lot. My doctor put me on 10mg Amitriptyline for 9 days and I had terrible side effects - brain fog, heightened anxiety, no appetite. Day 10 they switched me to Nortriptyline at a low dose of 2mL (liquid it’s such a small dose). Took it for 3 days and felt angry/mood swings, emotional, extremely depressed, agitated (couldn’t handle any mental stimulation or it made me so anxious - none of this is like me!) o
  4. I am a teenager going through withdrawal and it is pure torture. I dont know what to do. I feel alienated from the fact I still have a developing brain. I was put on 50mg Zoloft for one month, maybe 2 weeks more. I cant remember. My memory is deteriorating. I was prescribed this, heavily encouraged and before my gut-feeling said no to taking this medication that I was forced to take; My family encouraged me. It was flaky between 25mg and 50mg. I was switched to Prozac 25mg. I dont remember how long I took this, and 2 weeks is my best guess. One week? 3 Weeks? 2 and a half? I start
  5. Not sure how to make this post shorter, considering how much time has passed and how many different meds I’ve been on. I first got referred to a psychiatrist at the age of 14, for Clinical Depression. At the age of 15 I spent most of my days at an Eating Disorder Clinic, after being diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. Switched from antidepressant to antidepressant, mood stabiliser to mood stabiliser and never seemed to find the right fit, thought I was maybe just overly sensitive to negative side effects. At the age of 19 I got diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disord
  6. Hello I am based in Central London and have been dealing with the devastating effects of antidepressants for the last 10 to 11 years. I am now 30 years old. I was first put on antidepressants by a GP when I was 19 years old for 'mild/moderate depression'. I was at university at the time and 2 years prior my father died. Looking back I certainly had high anxiety and periods of depression following my father's death but nothing to rival the devastating symptoms I experienced in the first two weeks after taking my first doses of Citalopram and the endless medication cyclin
  7. Hello friends! My name is Mads, and I am currently on 225mg Effexor, 150mg Wellbutrin, and 20mg of Ritalin 3x/day. I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was a teenager. After a suicide attempt at 15 I was diagnosed and put on Prozac in the hospital. It was a few months before I got settled with a therapist and a psychiatric nurse practitioner (who will be referred to as Susan from now on). Over a year or so, my dose was increased. When I (at the pushing of my mother) expressed concern over the weight gain I was experiencing that we attributed to the
  8. I took a generic Lexapro 10mg (oxalate of escitalopram) from age 15 to now (I'm currently 21). Last year I tried tapering it off for over a month and after stopping it I had the absolute worst breakdown of my life, most intense depression I've ever had and nearly lost my life. Now I'm back on it 15mg/ day and fearing I might never be able to stop it. It's so sad they put me on this at age 15 when I had absolutely no clue what it was. I only had some trouble with school and they altered my biology forever because of it. I'm feeling hopeless about this and sta
  9. Hi people. I’ve been roaming around here since about 2 weeks ago and I finally decided to make an account about 2 days ago to get some help. So let me tell you about how this started and where I am today. I started taking the antidepressant sertraline in at the start of 2015 or even maybe late 2014, I’m not quite sure and don’t know how to get my medical history but I should try and get it. I was almost 14. It was for anxiety and depression that came with it, which now I look back at was not that serious like a lot of people say. I took 50mg and along the timeline of just less than 2 years on
  10. Hello all, I have joined this forum because I am currently cross tapering between Viibryd and Pristiq and I am looking for advice.
  11. I was put on Paxil around 15 (I'm 35 now). I don't rememember how many years but probably 5 years. I came off that for at least a year and then had panic attacks and tried celexa briefly which I didn't like the way it made me feel so in 2007 started Zoloft . I had been on Zoloft from 100-200 mg, mostly 100 for ten years until 2017 when I tapered off over 3 months towards the end of my pregnancy. I started ruminating and having bad anxiety again a year later, so reinstated at 100mg. I stayed on that 1 1/2 years despite it not working (apparently poop out). Towards the last part of t
  12. Hi everyone, I'm a mom looking for guidance and hope. My 17-year-old daughter has struggled with depression and anxiety, and after trying four different SSRIs was hospitalized for bipolar disorder in Feb 2020. She was put on an antipsychotic then, and has been on four different antipsychotics since then. Long story short, after about 16 different mood medications since Fall of 2019, it's become clear that any SSRI or SNRI actually cause her mania and give her suicidal ideation; so she was taken off of Strattera (60 mg) and Wellbutrin (75 mg) April 18 of this year. I and her psychiatrist w
  13. Hi all, thank so much for this forum. Here is my introduction. Since I was 16 years old I was put on Fluoxetin in a clinic, after a crysis and traumatic experiences. Clinic helped me a lot, but probably not because the medication. I tried to get off it when I was 19 years old because I felt more stable. I made a CT with Fluoxetin. I started to get panic attacs in certain situation (thought its because I stopped Medication). So I went to the doctor and he gave me Citalopram. First weeks of this drug were very difficult and horrorfiying. Lots of anxiety even with mild paranoia. After
  14. Hello to every warrior reading this! I must go with the consensus of everyone here that it is life-saving that this website exists. I am currently experiencing one of the most difficult times in my life due to Lexapro withdrawal, and it seems that many others on the site have been going through a similar intensity of experience. I am incredibly grateful for anyone reading this that may be able to provide some guidance. I think you can see this in my signature, but I was prescribed escitalopram (Lexapro) when I was 11 years old (was anyone else this young when they were prescribed??
  15. Here’s a link to my story Hello! I have a success story. After 4-5 years of hell I am now normal and healed. My withdrawal ended up in psychosis and suicide attempts due to way too quick tapering of citalopram. Don’t ever do a cold turkey or taper too quickly. I can’t really remember what has happened during these past years since they were full of terror, paranoia, anxiety, insomnia, vomiting, stomach problems etc. I just want to forget it all and hopefully live a good , healthy life for the rest of my life. Maybe the worst symptom was insomnia since it m
  16. ok! so where do i start ive been reading on this website almost since the withdrawal started back in october and im just now starting an account! but anyway i recently tapered from 40mg of lexapro to 20 in one month and 10 the next month and the doctor said to stop after that which i did and boy do i feel bad some of the strangest symptoms ive ever felt in my life. I should mention the reason i got off was because for some reason i developed a horrible phobia of medication like im even scared to take a flinstone gummy its so bad which from everything ive read on here would make reinstatement v
  17. I've been on anti-depressants since I was 15 years old. Now aged 31 I have decided to come off them because Radiohead were right "the drugs don't work they just make you worse." As a psychologist in training, my sense is that I have been wrongly diagnosed. My most recent diagnosis is borderline PD. But through experience and my profession, I'm fairly certain I'm Autistic. About one month ago I reduced my 90mg of Duloxetine to 60mg. It actually wasn't an active decision but because the pharmacy didn't have any 60mg in stock. So I thought "**** it" I will give it a go and redu
  18. April 2013 I was originally put on Fluoxetine for social anxiety, at 17 years old, 10mg raising up to 40mg daily. For the first 6 weeks I lay on the sofa feeling worse than ever. It gradually started to have some effect. . Stayed on till May 2014, when I decided to come off. It did lift my mood slightly, but didn't help with anxiety. It was making me lethargic and I wanted to get my energy back. I reduced by half then half again, then stopped. . A few weeks later, after a couple of "big nights out" I woke up with intense mood swings, derealisation, anxiety and light headedness/vertigo.
  19. Hey! I was 15 when I was put on Sepram (citalopram) due to depression (what I had that time was an eating disorder and guess I was depressed because of that) Anywho I ate Sepram until I was 24 on various dosages from 10-40mgs. I remember that often times when I was a teenager I'd just crash and get depression from nothing (now I realize that it was because I sometimes forgot to take my meds). I was 22 when I first unsuccesfully quit medication since I was feeling really well. I was going to university in a new town back then. Had a lot of new things going on. Well I survived for three months a
  20. Hello all, My therapist recommended a support group for withdrawal and I found this website through Facebook. First time being a part of a forum. Is a bit overwhelming but heres my back story. I got put on Celexa when I was 14 years old after my first broken heart. I was a sensitive gal those days so I can see how I may have been more sad about it than others would have. And my mother was concernd so she to took me to our family doctor who started me on Celexa and that was that. At the follow up appointment I told him how I got a pain in my eyes if I missed my pill and he said
  21. I wish I had discovered this forum before, I feel that it is now too late for me, I made so many mistakes out of desperation and not knowing what I was dealing with, I regret it, I don't know if my brain will return to normal after all this mess. It all started in 2010, I had just turned 17, and after years of bullying at school and depression I went to a psychiatrist who put me on 20 mg paxil, I felt good in the first two weeks, after I felt terrible, I became apathetic, without emotions, with anhedonia, without libido, depersonalized, I complained to the doctor but he said it would get bet
  22. Hey guys, hope you have been well! I have been on Zoloft/Setraline for the past 8 years of my life, started from the age of 16. I have been on 50mg for however long I can remember, when things got really tough I would go to 100. Anyways, I'm starting to taper off, from 50 which I have been on for the past 3months. I'm now at around 20mg, I made a sudden jump from 50 to 25, started to feel more irritable and started to cry. Been having headaches and just feeling foggy. Now I'm starting to taper of using the 10% method, sitting on 20mg over the past week. I'm just wondering if anyon
  23. Hi everyone. For people who have experienced anhedonia/recovered from Anhedonia... please reply. I've had depression since I was 15 or 16. I took prozac for 6 months straight (in 2009 or 2010) (I think it was a low dose, can't remember, I had to take two pills, one at the morning, one at night.. I only took the one in the morning only) I quit cold turkey cus I didn't feel any different... or so I thought. I haven't felt happiness since then... don't even know what that even means anymore (I'm 19)... I feel like I have no interests in anything. I mean, I listen to music that I think sounds
  24. Hello all! I've been having a troubling time and at last I've found a place where people can listen. For around two months I had been very stressed by university decisions and having a major existential and academic crisis. After taking my exams my mind was working at 1000000 miles per hour and I was constantly stressed and evaluating everything. I'd found my self slowed down and constantly riddled by worry and regret and anxiety. I began taking '5-htp' which I was told would help somewhat. I then discontinued it and went on holiday and when I came back I felt slightly better. However my
  25. Hi everyone I'm 22 years old now. I suffered from bulimia, depression and generalized anxiety since the age of 17 and my family got me help when I was 18 after I failed my medical school exams due to my condition. I was put on several medications ( Alprazolam, Valproate, Lamotrigine, Fluoxetine) during the course of treatment. I come from a lower economic class country where psychiatric treatment is still considered a taboo and people hide it from others, the facilities available are not the best but its a work in progress. Most of the drugs I had to take, they helpe
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