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Found 3 results

  1. Hello: I was on Zoloft (50-75mg) for 3 months 19 days. While on I ended up with euphoria, my wrist along with my low back loosened up (instability). I chalk this up to exercising while my body was having a bad reaction to the sertraline. This led to extreme back pain. There have been times where I thought I may have been hit with a bit of serotonin syndrome. Psychiatrist seemed to think so. My whole torso locked up. Anxiety over the situation led them to increase my dose to from 50-75mg. 4-6 weeks in the paresthesia hit (burning) throughout my body. I subsequently quit cold turkey. It has been
  2. Hi all, I have read this forum a lot and thought I should post about my own experiences. I had written a long post with more personal details but I decided to stick with this more concise version. While benzo withdrawal is not the reason I’m posting, I feel I should include all psych drug experiences. In Dec 2018/Jan 2019 I was dealing with strong health anxiety and took lorazepam/Ativan at 1mg/day for about a month, and quickly developed a tolerance. Upon cessation I experienced extreme insomnia, palpitations, muscle twitches, extreme anxiety which I attempted to relieve with alco
  3. GregaHelp


    Im getting help from a friend to write this, that lives far away, because I function very little. Mind working very poorly. Hello ! I have unbearable pain thru body and burning all over . Can't move much, legs kill me. Not self caring. I believe akathasia . I been on and off meds this year . I can't go on anymore like this . I have self harm and wanna not live. Mind working very poorly. Here is a rough med history, may have some inaccuracies, its hard to tell: 2019 January: Started Lexapro 5 mg to 10 for one month. then stopped 2019 February to middle of M
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