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Found 1 result

  1. I have been told i am depression resistance to Antidepressants. I am on zoloft 150 mg. I have been on AD for 34 years. I have been diagnosed with GAD AND major depression. the other medicines i am taking is Abilify 5mg and clonazepam .5 mg i take at n this morning i cut my antidepressant down to 125 from 150..thought i would do that for one week. i am not sure how to taper my 150 mg of zoloft 10%... i am still depressed and have anxiety. most of my anxiety is being handicap and aging, my husband dying, and where i will end up as i age because i have no children. so most days i start off good. i volunteer for a rescue group so i do that in the morning but come around 1pm i just sit in my recliner and watch tv all day. or just sit and stare in space. last visit with my doctor she wanted me to do Ketamine. they are trying to see if my insurance will cover it. yesterday i found out the my copay for two weeks of the drug was going to 941.00.....i cant afford that. and the side affects scare me. i am not suicidal right now but i was about two years ago.....now i just wish i can go to sleep and never wake up. but i have no plans in harming myself. not sure what else i can write. i am thinking if i am resistant to the antidepressants why am i on them? i see my doctor in 3 mos. any ideas....????
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