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Found 8 results

  1. When i started using zoloft and how i became clean. i started using zoloft in 2017 at 16 years old. now since june the 6th i came clean. what i experiences was weight gain . brain fog, and zombie feeling. impossible to break certain patterns. Worsening depression. now spark in the eyes after year 2 hormone imbalance that caused breast growth it was slowly, first i barely noticed anything only after year 2 i started noticing bad things happening. The decrease and tappering of from zoloft was pure hell and nothing more, i
  2. 6 years ago had baby number 2. Ended up post natal. They put me on sertraline. Wasn't working on me great so eventually went up to 200mg. Since Dec 14 I tapered off. Finishing in April 15. I've been suffering with anxiety and tears negative thoughts ever since. In waves and windows. Now nearing 7 months and going through a wave if tears last week and this. I feel maybe I should go back on but my heart of hearts and also hubby and friends say stick it out as I have good days too. Mornings are bad at times.
  3. My TSH numbers have been fluctuating for over a year and I have had to change my dose of Synthroid several times. At the same time I have been trying to wean myself from Zoloft. Going through a terrible time and wondering if my symptoms are exasperated by dealing with both issues. Also can the Thyroid levels be fluctuating because of withdrawal from Zoloft. hope this is not confusing. I just became a member and this is my first post thank you.
  4. Nathalou

    ☼ Nathalou

    Dear everyone, I am truly grateful for finding this site in my search for answers and support! Let me fisrt introduce myself and my story. My name is Nathalie, I am 27 years old and live in Belgium, Europe. When I was 21 years old, I was a little lost and sufferd mild anxiety. I came into the cabinet of a well-meaning young psychiatrist who prescribed me Sertraline (Zoloft in the States I believe). I cannot exactly recall the dosage I was on but I do believe that I was on between 75-150mg (gradally increasing then decreasing the dosage) for the frst three years. The the last three years I
  5. Glad to be apart of a page w people like me! Quit cold 🦃 a month ago. I'm passed the brain zaps, yay! 🙌 Current symptoms: Bouts of anger & crying (quick bouts then back to my calm self) Nausea Difficulty sleeping Restlessness I have a prescription for lorazapam which helped w the withdrawal. (.5 mlg). Stopped taking that a few days ago. I don't want one dependency turning into another one. Smoke marijuana occasionally. Drink often, but that's always been the case. Going to cut down on that soon too.
  6. Hi, very happy to have found this community. Last November 2013, I went to a water fasting clinic where people go to heal from various ailments and often get off meds. If been on Zoloft for 18 years, never diagnosed as needing it, and in addition to wanting to lose weight, I wanted to get off. I'd done unsuccessful tapers in the past. I now know why they were unsuccessful after reading here. At the clinic they have me Peter Breggin's book and Anatomy of an Epidemic. I immediately dropped from 100 mg to 50 mg and over the course of the 10-day fast, could not sleep until I tapered completely off
  7. Hi to everyone, First time I write in S.A. (I'm from Barcelona, so please forgive my poor English skills). I've been on and off antidepressants (Celexa, Lexapro, recently Zoloft) for the past 10 years. Combined with benzodiazepines, they were initially prescribed to me in order to control insomnia, which my former doctor thought was brought on by anxiety issues (sounds familiar?). At that time, I never had had a real bout of depression. Only then, when I decided to withdraw and quit Celexa for the first time, I knew what the word Depression truly means. Had to reinstate, and... well, you
  8. Hi, I am so happy to have found this site. I started taking zoloft in July of 2011 at 25 mg and worked up to 100 mg by early October. I had developed chronic nausea following "routine" gall bladder surgery and the only treatments offered were anti-psychotic meds or antidepressents. The nausea and other symptoms had also left me depressed so I chose the antidepressents. For about 3 weeks in October of 2011 things were great; no more nausea and no more depression. Then zoloft side effects began but I stuck with it because the nausea was still gone. In December, however, the drug itself st
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