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Found 2 results

  1. for-those-who-are-feeling-desperate-or-suicidal I'm not suicidal as I have small kids and I could never do this to them and to my husband. But I think of death every day and how nice it would be to get relief from all this:( Is this common in withdrawal and will it go away?
  2. I'm going to just copy my signature here to get this started.... Been on antidepressants for years. Tried to get off 7 years ago, was off for about 4 months, had a major life event and I jumped too quickly to get back on them. About 2 1/2 years ago, I happened on to theroadback.org and spent a year and half getting down to 75 mg./dy of Effexor with the assistance of those supplements. Was down in the dumps, and couldn't adjust so after a few months of that, dr. switched me to Wellbutrin, and then added Zoloft after about 3 months. After months of not being able to get it completely regulated, I started getting a headache 24/7. I felt sure it was from the Zoloft cuz I had a headache at a higher dosage of that. Dr wanted me to go off of that and start something else. I stopped the Zoloft after only two weeks of tapering but didn't start the something else. Headache still. Started pouring in the supplements suggested theroadback.org program. Two weeks later, I couldn't get back in to see the dr. and pretty much cold turkey stopped the Wellbutrin. Said I would NEVER do that, but I did. It has been 7 weeks since stopping the Zoloft and 5 weeks since stopping the Wellbutrin. I have been faithfully taking the supplements suggested in theroadback.org. Headaches finally stopped about a week to a week and a half ago. Having some depression and anxiety now. Not major, but it is there! I would really like to use less of Neutrogenetic Solutions supplements simply because the cost. More to tell, really, but that's enough for now!
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