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Found 3 results

  1. Hello All, Firstly, I've used this forum before, during and after my journey and it's been very uplifting and informative. I think I would have been lost without it, so thank you. Secondly, I am almost 4 months off Zoloft after 10 years @ 50mg for GAD/panic. I've learned many coping skills and practices that help me manage my anxiety (meditation, cold therapy, wim hof), however I've been experiencing chest tightness fairly regularly lately. It typically lasts all day, but doesn't interrupt my sleep (i finally got the insomnia under control). I exercise regularly, eat decently clean, take supplements (omega3/magnesium), CBD, meditate, but can't kick the feeling of someone sitting on my chest or the feeling of a lump in my throat. I also attend therapy weekly. Last week, I felt great for about 6 days and then it came back on. I typically ignore it and go on with my day, but it lingers on. Any tip/tricks on how I can relieve the tension. Is it possible this is my waves and windows phases?
  2. Hi All - new to the forum but happy I found it. Looking for experiences from people who used one of these medications very short term but had lingering and terrible side effects. Any personal experience or guidance to other areas of the forum are appreciated. About Me: 31M - very healthy, active, good job. Have general anxiety, panic attacks over 10 years. Effected my life but usually pushed through it. Overall happy social lifestyle. Never took any medication. Finally went to my general physician and he prescribed me zoloft. My Terrible Experience so far: Week 1 - took Zoloft for only TWO days. 10 mg. Felt weird so decided to stop. Day after stopping had Extreme Depression followed by worst panic attacks of my life. lasted 3-4 days. Week 2 - Awful anxiety, could not concentrate Week 3- Same as week 2 but started to get muscle spasms in legs, thoughts of doom that im stuck like this forever. By end of week I literally could not get out of bed, couldnt focus on TV. Zero libido. Sleep started to get worse Now on start of Week 4 - I'm out of bed. But still cant concentrate well, feel totally off, emotional unplugged, cant focus. Cannot sleep whatsoever. Wake up every few hours. Zero appetite. Im trying to be active and exercise, but very difficult. Focusing on eating but tough. I do seem to have some 'windows' where it goes from Terrible to less terrible. Had follow up with my general physician today. He was very defensive, told me impossible from only taking for two days. Told me I had underlying Mania that was induced by medication and that I should go to psychiatrist and probably needed bi-polar medication...Told me mania was 'always' there... Either way - Im not going to another Dr to get prescription meds. Going to try and fight this and hope I will feel normal again.
  3. Hi people! I'm a pssd sufferer. I invite you to think about what is the main problem of PSSD: that doctors, researchers, pharmacologists, journalist media and people don't know the existence of PSSD. No one (maybe also a lot of people who suffer of it) knows that SSRI cause a so severe damage. No one exept us. In my opinion stay sitted down on a sofa posting messages on a forum and hoping that someone will find a solution for us will not lead us to anywhere. In my opinion we ahve to do something of actually concrete to change our situation. For this reason, for example, I contacted every single TV broadcast and inquiry tv programs, journal and tv journal in my country telling him about the problem and asking him to talk about it. I contacted magazines and experts and opinionist on antidepressant and psychiatric. At least I found a scientist that is very interested to study our condition (I don't write his name because his study is not officially approved yet) for first on human looking for any hormone imbalance in the brain and then doing a study on mice looking for any alteration in the brain, but he needs money (50000 euros) than we are looking for to do a foundraising campaigne to raise money, maybe by crowdfunding: this is in my opinion doing something actually usefull for us. Then I'm doing a website on pssd with reliable and clear information about our syndrome. You can find it at [website link deleted] ("foundation", until now, is only an evocative name that mean there's a pool of people that is collaborating togheter for a purpose but in the future we want to do a legally recognized foundation). In future, on this website I want to launch a foundraising campaign in order to found the research above (when it will be approved). I'm looking for people that want to help me to tranlsate my website in most language as possible in order to offer reliable information about PSSD to physician and people from all over the world. Is there anyone that want to help me doing translation from english to another language? If you are interested answer here! Thank to everyone who will want to help me!
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