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Found 3 results

  1. Goss

    Goss: Zyban

    Goss I need tapering help for zyban 150mg extended release which I take in the UK for depression. Thanks.
  2. Hello all, I have been taking sertraline for some years now for clinical depression. When I started to quit smoking, I took a course of Zyban for 4 months. I felt better almost immediately as the anti depressant effects of the drug made me feel sunnier. When the drug ran out, I felt awful and tried to get it again, but in Australia, it can't be prescribed twice within a year period. After a couple of years I had it prescribed again. I ran out a few days ago, and feel anxious and upset. I hadn't been told about tapering off the drug, but as I was loathe to give it up, I took 150 pe
  3. Hi: I discovered this wonderful website in late January 2015 and developed a taper plan. I am currently on: Citalopram (down to 8.6ml of a a dissolved 20mg tablet), Zyban (a divided dose of 300mg taken in the morning and around 6pm), Risperidone (2mg in the evening), Lamotrigine (200mg taken in the evening). So two anti-depressants, an anti-psychotic and a mood stabliser (I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in late 2011). I started a taper of citalopram in February this year. I have been dissolving a 20mg tablet in 20ml of water and using a syringe to give myself the dose accordi
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