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Open Dialogue UK 2016 conference

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Oh man.........that looks so awesome.  This conference above.  I think I am hosting a musician or two then though..........


I am going to come back to this because maybe they do some sky ping or something.  I would so love to be well practiced in "open dialogue".


This is a great quote taken from the link about what Open Dialogue is:  Openness and democracy are key principles in the Open Dialogue approach. Primarily openness refers to the practice of discussing every aspect of the clinical work with individuals and families in their presence, rather than in ‘case’ meetings elsewhere.  Furthermore, when reflecting with colleagues in Open Dialogue meetings, professionals share their thoughts, feelings and associations to the current dialogue/situation openly, and invite their clients to respond to what they have heard. With regards to democracy, everyone’s voice is equal in Open Dialogue meetings, and decisions about how to proceed, wherever possible, are arrived at collaboratively.  Openness and democracy are considered to be key factors in the successful outcomes that have been documented over the last 15 years, with around 75% of those experiencing psychosis returning to work or study within 2 years of onset, and only around 20% continuing to take anti psychotic medication at 2 year follow-up.

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