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Adam Ant: Paralyzed by antidepressants for 7 years


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Calling antidepressants a "a clinical cosh," the musician explains he became extremely demotivated, losing interest in music and unable to have sex for 7 years. He also mentions the difficulties of withdrawal.


Video at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-14377777

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Don't drink, don't smoke... what do you do?


Take ADs!

'94-'08 On/off ADs. Mostly Zoloft & Wellbutrin, but also Prozac, Celexa, Effexor, etc.
6/08 quit Z & W after tapering, awful anxiety 3 mos. later, reinstated.
11/10 CTed. Severe anxiety 3 mos. later & @ 8 mos. much worse (set off by metronidazole). Anxiety, depression, anhedonia, DP, DR, dizziness, severe insomnia, high serum AM cortisol, flu-like feelings, muscle discomfort.
9/11-9/12 Waves and windows of recovery.
10/12 Awful relapse, DP/DR. Hydrocortisone?
11/12 Improved fairly quickly even though relapse was one of worst waves ever.

1/13 Best I've ever felt.

3/13 A bit of a relapse... then faster and shorter waves and windows.

4/14 Have to watch out for triggers, but feel completely normal about 80% of the time.

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It's great that he's speaking out about this.


There's other celebs on AD's too, Sinead O Connor is one, she had weight gain from them.

I believe Britney Spears may be another, I've read a lot of things about how she is unable to dance as she once did, and doesnt have the energy she used to have. I've seen interviews of her when she seems quite zoned out and "not there".

Off Lexapro since 3rd November 2011.

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