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Georgiesgirl- Why all the denial?


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I have been taking Paxil (paroxotene) for almost ten years. Every time I've tried to reduce the amount I take I have temporal lobe seizures. There is a ton of stuff online but my Drs act like I am crazy. A neurologist at UPMC actually laughed when I mentioned it! So tired of it. I think I need to taper more slowly but I used to be able to adjust the amount of the drug I took based on how I felt. Now if I reduce it at all I'm in trouble. It helps to know there are others out there that know this is a real thing. Are there Drs that treat this?

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Glad you found us! A mod should be coming along soon to help you.


In the mean time, could you fill in your signature with your drug history?


Feel free to look around the site. There is a lot of helpful lititure here.


If you want to see how others are tapering Paxil, just add Paxil in the search engine.

Brass monkeys story is inspiring. Take a look!




April 2014 remeron 45mg.

June 2014 abilify 2.5 remeron wasn't working so abilify was then added

September 2014 woke up with anxiety x 100!!!!

Pdoc then took me from 45 to 7.5 within a month and took abilify from 2.5 to 0


Remeron 7.5

Vitamin d 5,000 iu taking for about 3 years

October 2014 added fish oil/omega 3 1000 mg per day

Levothyroxitine 100 10 years or so

Dec 2014 started tapering 10% every 10 days-no problems.

August 2015 down to 0.1 mg

Woke up with severe anxiety-sleep issues-racing thoughts-depression. 9/9/15 up dose 1 mg.

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