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nick1990: Citalopram crap

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Copying this here for your own reference:


4 minutes ago, nick1990 said:

I will chime in on this one . After crashing and stabilising I definitely, certainly returned to feeling my normal self pre crash , with a bunch of new skills and mindsets . And then as I tapered lower, slowly , my WD normal improved through the process- i.e I was feeling better as I got lower. Definitely had some WD symptoms tapering slowly but they were manageable and short lived. 

I know all we want when we feel bad is reassurance on every level . It’s the anxiety. But honestly Tom , give it time mate & I see no reason at all why you won’t get to that place of light .


I haven’t “crashed” as such now, but am just going over a speed bump, a bit of a rough one as well  - but I’ve had the same thoughts , i swear it’s a WD symptom. However I am trusting in the process and know I’ll be fine . Mindfulness and learning about anxious thinking can help a lot and is something you can apply to life after all this WD stuff is over and done with 😊


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Cheers  for that post Nick.


I asked that question not just for myself but for the others here going through the same thing.


It will give them (and myself) a lot of comfort and hope that you can return to feeling ok/good once stable.


Thanks again.



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I am grateful for your post as well, @nick1990. Having a very tough day today in particular. Still waiting to stabilize after 9 weeks and losing hope. As soon as one symptom calms, another new one pops it's ugly head up. Haven't had a real window since reinstatement. I don't care if it takes me forever to taper - I'll take it as long as I can function in the meantime. Right now, dizziness, weakness and tremor are making any semblance of normalcy almost impossible. Rooting for you too @Tom37!

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