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Veterans drop hundreds of empty pill bottles in front of the White House


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The article focuses too much on medical marihuana,,, but there are also intersting things like:


"Twenty-two small American flags were planted in the ground at the front of the park, each representing a veteran to illustrate the oft-cited statistic that 22 veterans commit suicide each day. Each flag was adorned at its base with empty pill bottles "


More soldiers have died from suicide than in combat, it is not rocket science to smell that something is very wrong there, they say it is PTSD that kills them...

Of course trauma and PTSD are real things, and serious things... but human beings have evolve too long and with much more dangers around them to not be able to overcome trauma naturally... it is just not logical... so who knows.. maybe if they were not so heavily medicated, less veterans would suicide..

About me ------------------------ College student with a history of anxiety, excessive worrying and health anxiety.

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May 2015  -   July 2015-----------------  Tappering off prozac. Still no feelings,anhedonia, apathy, no libido, asexuality.

Current symptoms--------  pssd (asexuality in my case). Anxiety and depression developed some months afer stopping prozac, could have been caused by obsessing and beating myself up too much when I found myself unable to like girls again. The best thing to do with pssd (which in my case is asexuality) is accept it and move on.

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Military members and veterans are a massive market for big pharma.  I think 75% of all vets that I've met who are under the age of 40 have been on some form of psycatric medication at least once in their life.  Many are still taking meds.


Very very sad.

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“"Here’s what the over-medication of our veterans looks like,” they said as they spilled the canisters onto the floor. “We don’t want it.”"



This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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I never  would have known how activating these meds were until I started to WD from them myself. I think its pretty obvious that these meds cause way more suicides than they prevent.  Its hard enough to deal with the PTSD by itself but adding an activating med is a recipe for disaster. The truth will be mainstream one day and hopefully soon.  

Was on 30mg (Lexapro) for 7-8yrs20mg for 3 months (This was my choice my Doc wanted me to drop much faster)15 mg 2week10mg 2 weeks 5 mg 1 week0 since August 24th . PPI Dexlant  30 mg taper has begun. Cutting 20% currently.  using zantac as needed.  Benzo is currently 0.10mg 

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Drugs aren't the only problem for veterans:




I don't mean to sound like a broken record but words fail me.

Drug cocktail 1995 - 2010
Started taper of Adderall, Wellbutrin XL, Remeron, and Doxepin in 2006
Finished taper on June 10, 2010

Temazepam on a PRN basis approximately twice a month - 2014 to 2016

Beginning in 2017 - Consumption increased to about two times per week

April 2017 - Increased to taking it full time for insomnia

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