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Lyme disease and healing from withdrawal

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wanted to share an example of a "detox" food...it's really just awesomely delicious food that is appropriate for me at the moment...made with ten years of study of both the body and food and nutrition....that's all...there is simply a learning curve involved in understanding what detox is all about...it is only sometimes radical...by necessity only, if done right. 



this is targeted at the moment towards my heavy metal load...most clearly mercury...it was accompanied by an apple and some avocado on the side...all foods that help with my needs TODAY...(they're always changing)







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Whoaaaa. Looks so yum. Love all those ingredients. That pesto sounds amazing, and I love plantains. I’m not in detox and don’t plan on detoxing for a while, but will still make this as it looks yum! 

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