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REAM: Need help with Topomax Withdrawals

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Hi everyone. I'm here to get my 12 years old daughter whom we just weaned off of the last of 13 medications that failed to control her seizures. Although it's taken us 3 years to wean off all meds and we've dealt with and overcame withdrawals from most, this last one "Topomax" has been the worst and she's experiencing severe withdrawals from it. I need help understanding and identifying symptoms and mostly if anyone has suggestions in treating them please. She has constant and severe tremors all over her body. Insomnia. Nausea. Blurred vision or zoned out. She is non verbal at this point so these are symptoms that we can see. I'm sure there are others. Appreciate your input. Thank you.

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Welcome REAM,

I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this with your daughter. What you have described does sound like withdrawal symptoms which can arise from coming  off any psychiatric drug too fast.


But before we can offer any suggestions, we need a little more information about your daughter's drug and tapering history. What drugs she took, dosages, dates taken and how she tapered off. When did she last take Topamax and what was the dose?


Often, reinstatement of a small amount of the last drug taken can relieve withdrawal symptoms, then once then nervous system settles down, a slower taper can be started. We can help you with this once we have a little more information.



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Hi Ream ,  welcome to the site.


I was just going say most of what Petunia did . . . perhaps bump up the dose of topomax to the last level

relieve the w/d symptoms?


Best wishes ,  Fresh

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