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Emotions Anonymous

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Hey All,


As someone who suffers from mental illness, pharmaceutical dependence, as well as alcoholism/addiction, I thought I would share a reflection and some helpful concepts from the support group Emotions Anonymous (similar to AA).  I think this could be very helpful for people in the process of psychiatric medication withdrawal.  If you want to find out more about EA, visit their website: http://www.emotionsanonymous.org/


Perhaps one day there could be a SAA group(Surviving Anti-Depressants Anonymous).  I have always maintained that a 12-step program would benefit anyone who is willing to give it a try (regardless of addiction).


Just for today

The choice is mine

Just for today I will live through this day only, and not try to tackle all of my problems at once. All I have to do is take small steps in the right direction, getting there will take care of itself.

Just for today I will try to be happy, realizing that my happiness does not depend on what others do or say or what happens around me. Happiness is a result of being at peace with myself.

Just for today I will try to adjust myself to what is, and not try to force everything to adjust to my own desires. I will take my life as it comes, and I will fit myself to it.

Just for today I will take care of my physical health; I will exercise my mind; I will read something spiritual.

Just for today I will do something good for somebody. I will do at least one thing I don’t want to do, and I will perform some small acts of love.

Just for today I will try to go out of my way to be kind to someone I meet. I will be considerate and talk low. I will not engage in unnecessary criticism or try to find faults. I will not try to improve or regulate anybody except myself.

Just for today I will have a program. I may not follow it exactly, but I will have it. I will save myself from two pests — hurry and indecision.

Just for today I will stop saying, “If I had time.” There is never enough time. If I want to do something, I must make time for it.

Just for today I will have a quiet time of meditation; I shall relax and seek truth.

Just for today I shall be unafraid. Particularly, I shall be unafraid to be happy, to enjoy what is good, beautiful, and lovely in life.

Just for today I will not compare myself with others. I will accept myself and live to the best of my ability.

Just for today!


Helpful Concepts

  1. We come to EA to learn how to live a new way of life through the twelve-step program of Emotions Anonymous which consists of Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, concepts, the Serenity Prayer, slogans, Just for Todays, EA literature, weekly meetings, telephone and personal contacts, and living the program one day at a time. We do not come for another person — we come to help ourselves and to share our experiences, strength, and hope with others. 
  2. We are experts only on our own stories, how we try to live the program, how the program works for us, and what EA has done for us. No one speaks for Emotions Anonymous as a whole. 
  3. We respect anonymity ‹ no questions are asked. We aim for an atmosphere of love and acceptance. We do not care who you are or what you have done. You are welcome. 
  4. We do not judge; we do not criticize; we do not argue. We do not give advice regarding personal or family affairs. 
  5. EA is not a sounding board for continually reviewing our miseries, but a way to learn to detach ourselves from them. Part of our serenity comes from being able to live at peace with unsolved problems. 
  6. We never discuss religion, politics, national or international issues, or other belief systems or policies. EA has no opinion on outside issues. 
  7. Emotions Anonymous is a spiritual program, not a religious program. We do not advocate any particular belief system. 
  8. The steps suggest a belief in a Power greater than ourselves. This can be human love, a force for good, the group, nature, the universe, God, or any entity a member chooses as a personal Higher Power. 
  9. We utilize the program ‹ we do not analyze it. Understanding comes with experience. Each day we apply some part of the program to our personal lives. 
  10. We have not found it helpful to place labels on any degree of illness or health. We may have different symptoms, but the underlying emotions are the same or similar. We discover we are not unique in our difficulties and illnesses. 
  11. Each person is entitled to his or her own opinions and may express them at a meeting within the guidelines of EA. We are all equal ‹ no one is more important than another. 
  12. Part of the beauty and wonder of the EA program is that at meetings we can say anything and know it stays there. Anything we hear at a meeting, on the telephone, or from another member is confidential and is not to be repeated to anyone ‹ EA members, mates, families, relatives or friends.
Happy Journey Everyone!





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I love your quote.  And I am trying to love AA.  It's a long haul.  And I.......am still sifting through and sometimes wondering just why I landed there when I did.  Trying to believe in that......that I did need to land there.    And am definitely having some stucked ness with step 2.  I thought I was there, and maybe it is just trying too hard........ to hold on to what I had in the way of faith/spirit/soulfulness.  I mean I won't lose it(previous stuff) completely while seeking new guidance.


Just debating in my head a lot.  Pretty normal......I find, as I keep listening. 


Thanks for posting this.


I don't want my emotions to be anonymous but there is some safety in that.  Especially when they are amplified in W/D.  I didn't even know about W/D when I came off Zyprexa.  Yes, do one at a time.  That seems to work best for all concerned.

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Love your username :)


For me, I think a 12 step problem will help a lot as I go through the withdrawal process (in fact, I will be doing the Steps again starting this week).  It's also a helpful life philosophy that can be applied to any situation. 


I believe my Higher Power led me to this site at this crucial time (before I was about to try something rash and crazy--the addict in me wanting it NOW!).  I am now putting my trust in HP that I will get through this process, that my HP is more powerful than all these drugs combined.  Now is the time to be especially gentle and compassionate toward myself and body--they have both suffered greatly.  


Wishing you all the best on your journey.


P.S. I think you will find this talk by Gabor Mate very helpful (as will anyone looking for clues on how to be fully human):


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Oh OpalOwl I'm so thankful you posted this xxxx I've recently tried to fit into NA because I love the 12 step method - but the people there generally weren't able to accept my square peg in their round hole - and I did have to do a bit of mental gymnastics to fit within it.. and now I've found your post and info!! thank you xxxxx

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