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cyberdream Lyrica tapering off (PLEASE HELP ME)

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I take 300mg of Lyrica in one capsule (one capsule daily)

I tried to quit cold turkey , i didn't take a pill in three  days and there are no words to describe how Hell and bad i felt , its unbelievable ..

Today i took one pill because i thought if i don't take it i would just lose it ... 


I only have lyrica capsules of 300mg .. I need to know how to taper off ..

my question is , can i open the capsule of lyrica and throw content in water and drink it ? and lower the content in water each week ?

will it work like that ?


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Hi Cyberdream,


Welcome to SA.  You've come to the right place for getting information and support.  It will take about 4 days for the lycira to work properly again.


This site recommends slow tapering at 10% of the current dose.  You might like to read Why taper by 10% of my dosage?


This explains simply what is happening Brain Remodelling


Someone else should be here soon to offer suggestions.  The staff are regularly online.


Best wishes,


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Welcome, cyberdream.


This topic will explain how to titrate Lyrica Tips for tapering off Lyrica (pregabalin)


If I were you, I'd immediately start taking 300mg again, for several weeks, at least, to let your system settle down. Then, figure out how to get your prescription in 200mg plus 75mg capsules (275mg) per day. That will be an 8.3% decrease from 300mg.


After a month on 275mg per day, you can go to 250mg per day (200mg capsule plus 50mg capsule). And so forth.


Plan on no more than a 10% decrease per month, based on the last dosage (the amount of the decrease keeps getting smaller).

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