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☼ Faithgrl: Bipolar II checking in...has anyone tried Prozac bridge or kambo


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@Faithgrl@AltostrataThank you so much for all your helpful advice! So I tired something similar to NAET today called the BAX 3000. He said I may feel out of it for the next few days but I think I'm regretting doing it. When it was being done, he uses a laser on different acupuncture points. As it was happenig I could feel my brain buzzing and I feel really heavy in my head now. He said for people it may take a a day or two to not feel out of it but im afraid i stimulated my nervous system, even though I told him i can't have anything stimulating or detoxifying.


@AltostrataI saw in a post of yours when you had a bad acupuncture reaction, you could reverse it with calming acupuncture points. I'm wondering if in a couple days this doesnt get better if I should try that next? I'm scared this feeling will last for months. I wanted to wait until I was out of this months long wave I'm in now (since July) from trying and stopping supplements / foods /extreme stress, but I have a hard time saying no because this treatment is supposed to help me tolerate more foods which I desperately need/ This treatment today was balacing and reprogramming my nervous system working with autonomic, endocrine, adrenals, etc and even my lexapro to help my body tolerate it more and eventually wean off. Here is an explanation of BAX 3000:

Sitting in front of the BAX system’s Digital Conductance Meter (DCM), a patient is exposed to digitalized frequencies via a radio wave transmitted through their body It will positively condition or train autonomic nervous system to no longer respond in stressful manner to substance. The laser is rebooting your body to perceive substances correctly. Our technological equipment used in the procedures is based on reducing the stress levels in the autonomic nervous system, because it is stress that causes most health related conditions. It identifies substances that cause stress levels to rise and these environmental stressors are paired with positive stimuli, which releases endorphins and enkephalins triggered by the nerve bundle stimulation. These two are natural sedative and pain killer of the body. Once released, they calm the nervous system and replace the negative association with a neutral association.These energetic frequencies match those of the substance(s) the person has been reacting to, such as milk, wheat, household cleaners, food additives, animal dander, dust and pollens. This fools the person’s body into thinking that it is being exposed to the actual items through ingestion, inhalation, and / or contact, thus setting up an imperceptible reaction in their body. At the same time, a small (cold) laser, which emits the same frequencies but at a homeopathic antidote dose, is applied to the central nervous system by shining the light first on the forehead then slowly moving it up over the top of the head and down along the spine to its base. This internally cancels the reaction and in effect reprograms the person’s body (just like with NAET) to no longer react to the substance. During the final portion of the treatment, the laser is applied to specific acupuncture points on the arms, hands, and feet to further strengthen the treatment.

-2014: Lexapro/escitalopram 10 mg, 2015-2021: Lexapro/escitalopram 20 mg

-10/2020-3/2021: decreased 20 mg to 15 mg, 1 mg a month

-4/2021: decreased to 10 mg, held for 11 days, 4/2021: decreased to 5 mg, held for 8 days

-4/2021: 3-6 days cold turkey lexapro, withdrawal symptoms so reinstated 2.5 mg 

-omeprazole taper: 9/2021 cut 25%, 10/20/21 25% cut, 12/1/21 25%, 12/28/21 25% cut, (9/36 beads of 40 mg)

-11/2020 omeprazole 20 mg, 3/2021: omeprazole 40 mg,

-Nordic Naturals Ultimate omega 3 fish pill: 1280 mg

-montelukast: 10 mg dailyzyrtec: 10 mg daily 

-3/20/2021-7/25: mesalamine 1.2 GM, 3 times a day - dropped

-birth control: Trilinyah 2014- 2/1/2021 quit cold turkey middle of pack 

7/16/2021-8/1/2021 Quicksilver Liposomal multivitamin liquid: biotin, zinc, Vitamins A, C, D E, K, Niacin,, Thiomine, Riboflavin,Vitamin B6, B12, 7/16/2021- 8/25/2021 - boswelia complex (tumeric. ginger, celery) - 2 a day - dropped

7/16/2021 - probiophage probiotic - dropped 

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Hello, I've reported everything I know about acupuncture in posts on this site. Please use search to find them.


I can't answer any questions about gastrointestinal issues, sorry.


@Sicksagittarius please look for topics in the Symptoms and Self-Care forum to post in and take this discussion out of Faithgrl's topic, which should be about her recovery from withdrawal.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has surpassed our humanity." -- Albert Einstein

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Hey @Sicksagittarius I suggest you don't think too much about it and try and sleep it off if it did something that you don't like. Try not to say... This thing that I did is going to set me back for life. You don't know that. Try and be like... I did this, it didn't work.. I am going to sleep it off until I try the next thing. I have personally failed on so many supps and waiting for the effects to pass sucks (fish oil and turmeric broke me out in scabs can you believe... So did organic food omg), but will suck even more if you like... Catastrophize it into your future. Something else to think about is that words have power..maybe.. And it is better not to speak bad things into your future. Just watch sex/life or twighlight and hope by the end of the season the wave is over. Not saying that's what you need to do or should do, just something that worked for me.


I tried acupuncture a few times. There was a guy in San Francisco who was suppose to be a miracle healer and he was... Ok. Otherwise nothing really stuck or made a huge difference in any of the symtoms.



Prescribed Lexapro in 2003 and switched to Cipramil (5-10mg per day) 2004 with Lamictal.

Stopped Lamictal cold turkey with no withdrawals in 2014 with support of a Paleo diet. 

2003-2015 Cipramil only: 5mg 21 Dec 15: 2.5mg 28 Dec 15: 2.25mg 4 Jan 16: 1.575mg 10 Jan 16: 1.1025 11 Jan 16: 0.7875 25 Jan 16: 0.9, 1 Feb: 0.8, 8 Feb 0.75, 15 Feb 0.5, 29 Feb 0.25, 21 March 0.17, 4 April: 0.10, 25 April 0.05, 8 May 2016 0.05, 15 May 2016 NIL 21 June 2016 0.1, 5 Sep 16: 0.2 7 Sep 16: 0.15 16 Sep 16: 0.075 3 Oct 16: 0.015 17 October: 0.015, 14 Nov 2016: Reinstate 0.005, 26 Dec 16 0.0045, 2 Jan 17 0.004, 20 Feb 17 0.003, 3 Apr 17 0.002, 22 May 17 NIL. 

Supplements/Lifestyle: Daily exercise, low histamine and oxalate diet. Church music all the time! Integra Nutritionals GFD, B12 drops, Mag Oxide, Broccoli sprouts, Bovine Collagen Peptides, Integra Nutritionals Gemmune IB



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