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How does length of time on a medication affect withdrawal from it?


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I think we can be  scientific  by taking survey based on your  equation plugging in the numbers . there where suveries done in bezo community by age and number of  months to recovery. but there  have be strict compliance to certain parameters.    at the benzo community state any wear to 6 month 18 months  but between 0 to  18 months can be shear hell with improvements along the way and the there  odd cases that it takes  years to  recover   that is max  and mean cases.   But SA has different mythology for tappering then BB community .   I agree SA that is no fast rule  for recovery time no body wants give false hope  to anyone. 


buspar  7/16 to 4/17  does  45 mg, 30 mg , 15mg then 60 mg  stopped did not like the side effects  tapered 

paxil    10 mg 10 /16  11 / 16 bad reaction  stopped  

xanax  .25 mg as needed   10 /16  30 days  only stopped 

ativan  1/17 1 mg 30 days supply  tapper off   the best i could  1/16/18  stopped 
prozac  4/16 to  1/17    20 mg start   then 6 months 40 mgs then down  10/17 to 20 mgs   off 2/17 bad reaction  stopped 

 klonopin  .5  three daily   as needed  took .5 for 30 days when getting   on Prozac 5/1/17 stopped   then started again  1/2/18 to 4/10 stopped by tapering over 30 days down to .125 a day. though time, but  better now stopped 

Mertizipine   11/16 to present started 15 mg  at 7.5 mg  4/17 to  7/18 ,  7/4/18   3.5 mg  skipping does  the plan was to go off it while on  Prozac  but  it never worked    back on 7.5 mg 

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Please read this topic: 

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PLEASE NOTE:  I am not a medical professional.  I provide information and make suggestions. 

  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED:    (6 year taper)      0mg Pristiq      on 13th November 2021

ADs since ~1992:  25+ years - 1 unknown, Prozac (muscle weakness), Zoloft; citalopram (pooped out) CTed (very sick for 2.5 wks a few months after); Pristiq:  50mg 2012, 100mg beg 2013 (Serotonin Toxicity)  Tapering from Oct 2015 - 13 Nov 2021   LAST DOSE 0.0025mg

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 VIDEO:   Antidepressant Withdrawal Syndrome and its Management

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Recovery happens gradually over time.  Some of it happens during the slow taper, as the body adapts to the dose reduction.  There are so many factors involved, it just isn't possible to predict a timeframe.

2001–2002 paroxetine

2003  citalopram

2004-2008  paroxetine (various failed tapers) 
2008  paroxetine slow taper down to

2016  Aug off paroxetine
2016  citalopram May 20mg  Oct 15mg … slow taper down
2018  citalopram 13 Feb 4.6mg 15 Mar 4.4mg 29 Apr 4.2mg 6 Jul 4.1mg 17 Aug 4.0mg  18 Nov 3.8mg
2019  15 Mar 3.6mg  21 May 3.4mg  26 Dec 3.2mg 

2020  19 Feb 3.0mg 19 Jul 2.9mg 16 Sep 2.8mg 25 Oct 2.7mg 23 Oct 2.6mg 24 Dec 2.5mg

2021   29 Aug 2.4mg   15 Nov 2.3mg

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I haven't seen any basis for a prediction of healing time for an individual.


Conventional wisdom says the following are at higher risk for longer recovery:


- Those who go off suddenly (cold turkey or close to it)

- Those who have been on the drugs for many years

- Older people


However, these are just suppositions based on perhaps faulty common sense. There's no definition of "higher risk" -- what does that mean? I have seen no evidence in journals or anecdotally that these conditions are predictive. There's very wide variability of individual tolerance for dosage reduction. Some people recover within weeks, some within months, some take years.


One thing is clear: Cold turkey off psychiatric drugs is a very, very bad idea. If you've been on a drug longer than a month, going cold turkey begs the most severe acute withdrawal symptoms. No one has any idea how bad it can be until they experience it. It's so bad, we don't even have the words for it. Don't do it.

This is not medical advice. Discuss any decisions about your medical care with a knowledgeable medical practitioner.

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Do we heal at the end?. This is my question. I been asking this question many times without clear answer. Do heal at the end???? Regardless of the time it takes. Do we heal after 5 or 6 or 10 years? Do all symptoms disappear at the end????

My drug history:

Cipralex 10mg for two months from February 2015 to April 2015. Tapered for one month 

Cipralex 20mg for six months from February 2016 to August 2016. Tapered for 5 weeks.

From October 2016 till fourth of April 2018 I am drug free.

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