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Interesting subtopic, Nelly!

I find the research on neuroplasticity encouraging, and I use a number of energy psychology techniques to bring down or eliminate the emotional charge from people and situations.


Logosynthesis and the cortices technique are daily practices, supplemented with EFT and hook-ups (from Brain Gym) as needed.

3/2018: 10mg/day escalitopram; 10/19/18: blood tests revealed mild hypothyroidism & higher than normal cholesterol, so decided to discontinue by tapering off & reduced to 5mg/day; 11/11/18: reduced to approx. 2.5mg/day (inexact since using pill splitter). Resumed long-discontinued Solgar cal/mag/zinc but the exhaustion came back so will try to cut dosage. Taking a plethora of vits/minerals for many years; wondering whether some of what I'm on is causing the exhaustion that came on 3.5 yrs ago w/broken foot & never left. Discontinued 12/2/18. Each step down. Took 3 weeks to stabilize enough for next stage. A month out from discontinuation, I am symptom free except for occasional cognitive fog, and intermittent muscle soreness. 6 weeks out (1/19/19), feeling pretty good, a bit active bowel still and gym stamina back to 80% pre-medication levels.

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Many people experience overpowering or disturbing emotions while tapering and as part of withdrawal syndrome.   Many of the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome arise from autonomic nervous syste

oh...went back to bed and came up with another good one...also helpful for pain and/or anxiety/terror/restlessness (the above helps with all of that for me as well)   A good old fashioned epsom sal

I've found that building up as many non-drug tools as possible is the key to managing issues that I had pre-drugs (and were the reasons I initially started SSRIs).   I think of it as weaving a held

Irene Lyons is an expert on the nervous system and neuroplasticity.  Her life's work is to help everyone regulate our nervous systems.  Her podcasts are very watchable.  l find understanding my physiology helps me as well working on building my capacity for healthy stress (before trying to process old traumas) and grounding techniques.  A good podcast to start with is: https://youtu.be/DvVp9fXhAAk

MissyE x


2008 Dec-Feb 2009 GP diazipam; Dec-Jun 2009 fluoxetine. 2010 Jan citalopram approx 4 weeks, Jan- Aug fluox, Oct-Jun 2011 paroxetine; Aug - Dec venlafaxine 37.5mg - 75mg. 2012 Mar-Jul reinstate ven 150mg; Aug swap to fluox 40mg (preg) - Mar 2013  reinstate ven 150mg. 2015 Nov swap to fluox 40mg (preg) Dec suicidal reinstated ven 300mg

2018 Jan ven "pooped" buspirone added/stopped; pentagablin added; March pent stopped & ven taper - 0 June; August betablockers started/ stopped; September mirtazapine 15mg and diazepam 2mg started/stopped; October ven 300mg reinstated. 

2019 Jan psychiatrist added mirt 15mg (aiming for "California rocket fuel" therapeutic dose).  No more meds: gradual taper mirt Feb-April (taken for < 3 weeks).

Commenced ven taper 5-10% 6-10 weekly 2019 April - Nov: 225mg.  Tapering 8 weekly in alignment with menstrual cycle 2020 Jan 212.5mg; Mar 200mg; Jun 187.5mg hold

Oct all meds stopped sectioned under mental health act psychosis olanzapine 20mg PRN lorazepam

Dec 600mg lithium 15mg olanzapine

1-2g omega 3 & 400ug folic acid

2 puffs pulmicort inhaler.

This too shall pass.


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