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Prescription Thugs


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New film coming out from Chris Bell regarding the over prescription of painkillers and benzodiazepines and the blood that big pharma has on its hands. Of note, Bell lost his brother to opiate addiction and struggled with a Xanax addiction himself.


He also directed Stronger, Bigger, Faster a few years back concerning the use of performance enhancing drugs.


I know the critical psychiatry movement has struggled to break in to the mainstream and a guy like Bell appears to be sympathetic to the cause.


...and this probably should have been posted in the media forum.

Year 0:      Social anxiety, obsessive thoughts, NO depression, NO suicidal ideations

Years 1-2: Ativan (benzo) <1mg as needed, not abused but developed physical dependence

Years 2-3: Paxil (20mg) augmented with Adderall XR (10-20mg) due to withdrawal from Ativan

Years 3-Present: Severe depression, headaches, psychiatric hospitalization, lost job, etc.


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