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Blue1942: Kind of Scary but Necessary


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Just to introduce myself and begin this evening:  I'm older and have been taking Lexapro in conjunction with Lamotrigine for about 12 years. About 2 years ago I decided that I needed to DX the Lamotrigine, at least, and that was pretty easy.  I was still taking the Lexapro 20 everyday. All along there was this feeling that I was "hiding from" the real me. Plus, I've become a more somber person and fearful.  I know that some changes come with age and my memory has been giving me problems.


My daughter lives nearby and is not supportive of some things I do,LOL, so this is the reason I wanted to find that support here.  I feel that I want to have my mind as clear as possible as long as possible so I can appreciate my experiences fully.


I started reducing the Lexapro about 3 months ago and was down to about 1/4 a dose.  I got under a lot of stress due to repair emergencies not properly handled by my landlord and I felt like I was losing it. I By that I mean feeling it was just too much.  I've always been a very strong person and this threw me.  My daughter is just not a caregiver type.  Yes, she is caring and she is concerned, and she loves me, but is just the type that can't handle me being in distress.  Plus, she doesn't want to do the wrong thing and that leads to ineffectiveness.  All of this is swirling around in my head at the same time I'm trying to draw down my medication, not good.  I reverted to a slightly larger dose.


I had been trembling, weak and feeling I was keeling over.... No, not my heart yet.  Saw my cardiologist a few days ago.  I know it's more of the same reason I want off this  medication.  I hadn't heard about the sudden deaths until this pm, now there is even more reason to go forward.


This is about it for me tonight, I'm all in and hope I and need sleep.  I have insomnia and have not had a good long period of uninterrupted slumber for several nights.  Some of it external forces, early rising neighbors and noisy plumbing and cars.


I'm looking forward to input and how your journey is going.





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Hi Blue , welcome to the site. You've landed in exactly the right place to find others who've been

through / are going through the same type of situation.


Well done on getting off lamotrigine.

You're getting symptoms now because you've been tapering lexapro too fast. We recommend decreasing

by no more than 10% at a time , and waiting 4 - 6 weeks until all symptoms have resolved before

decreasing again. So in comparison , you've gone very fast.


It was a good move to updose slightly. The thing to do now is wait until all your symptoms have

resolved before starting to taper again.

Could you have a go at filling in your signature. It will help us to know what dates you were taking what dose , and what dose you went back to and when.

Instructions are here http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/893-please-put-your-withdrawal-history-in-your-signature/


Please read the following topics that will help you understand the process for moving forward:


Why Taper 10% of my Dosage http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/1024-why-taper-by-10-of-my-dosage/


Tips for Tapering off Lexapro (escitalopram) http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/406-tips-for-tapering-off-lexapro-escitalopram/


How To Make a Liquid From Tablets or Capsules http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/2693-how-to-make-a-liquid-from-tablets-or-capsules/


Good to have you on board , Fresh

1987-1997 pertofran , prothiaden , Prozac 1997-2002 Zoloft 2002-2004 effexor 2004-2010 Lexapro 40mg

2010-2012Cymbalta 120mg

Sept. 2012 -decreased 90mg in 6months. Care taken over by Dr Lucire in March 2013 , decreased last 30mg at 2mg per week over 3 months. July 21 , 2013- last dose of Cymbalta

Protracted withdrawal syndrome kicked in badly Jan.2014 Unrelenting akathisia until May 2014. Voluntary hosp. admission. Cocktail of Seroquel, Ativan and mirtazapine and I was well enough to go home after 14 days. Stopped all hosp. meds in next few months.

July 2014 felt v.depressed - couldn't stop crying. Started pristiq 50mg. Felt improvement within days and continued to improve, so stayed on 50mg for 8 months.

Began taper 28 Feb. 2015. Pristiq 50mg down to 45mg. Had one month of w/d symptoms. Started CES therapy in March. No w/d symptoms down to 30mg.

October 2015 , taking 25mg Pristiq. Capsules compounded with slow-release additive.

March 2016 , 21mg

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