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Maybe there was no other way than medications....

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Im writing this to vent some of my frustration with psych drugs on two levels. First let me start out by saying that Im criminally insane, by a conviction of assault. There has also been other incidents 4-5 years ago.


Anyway..... Before all this started I was having EXTREME difficulties with psych meds. Initially I started with Zyprexa, which from one day to another gave me sexual anhedonia which persists now 6 years later(no feeling whatsoever). I also gained 20 kg, but I thought that maybe they would stop the meds if that happened, so I didnt restrain myself. Then I was switched to Abilify which made me irritable. Later I got very bad short term memory which led to near parkinson symptoms with loss of balance and memory span of 2 hours at most. I used to be a university student.


I also have heart disease, and all the themes people describe here, such as a sensitive nervous system and emotions.


In the midst of all this crippling ilness Im faced with my conviction and the things Ive done. I really wanted to cooperate by being med compliant. But I couldnt pull through when I needed it. I had something that felt like a heart attack and stopped. I wish my health had been a concern for the psychiatrist, so that I would have taken an active stance in finding another med, MAYBE that could have happened.


Now Im left as criminally insane person, whose struggles with medication and very poor health means nothing. These days its hard to just get by, and the worst thing is that I need meds.....  I think Im giving benzos a shot, but I have to wait untill after easter...


This was my rant.........

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Rant heard... 

I hope it helped to say it 

wishing you some peace we all deserve it and it is hard won... 

Welcome to SA 

There may be things you will learn here that can help you out... there is no going back but there is forward

one foot in front of the other and nobody here will be upset if you stall from time to time.. 

Many came here in a bad way that is how most find this site. So cuddle in and do some reading I am sure you will find this site of use... try the self care section it generally has something to offer each of us. 


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