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Batthy: Removing Abilify too fast


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I take care of my autistic son 19, he is on  Abilify 5mg for 4 years  


The therapy and family life had led him to behavior not acceptables and no other solution at this time.


We live in France and no solution for autistic people here.


So he is doing a lot better today, with good personnal teatchers and family life, and I wanted to remove Abilify.



I realize, reading the topics here that I have made a mistake : I have remove 12 days ago the 5mg to nothing ...


It results in sleep desorders, axiety, tears ...and sometine he is lauthing and 2 minutes after he is crying ...


I can manage sleep desorders with melatonin but not the other withdrawal syptoms.


As he has hurt his teatcher  I have to take advice whether I should go back to  5mg or other solution.


And maybe latter try a 10% decrease very slowly ...


thanks for reading this






Abilify 5mg/ day    2012- today 

Depakote 4x250 mg / day  2014- today

2016 : no more TERCIAN ( cyamemazine) for evening sleeping issue but Melatonin instead


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  • Mentor

I am sure the moderators will arrive shortly,    welcome to the site.


I think they will recommend you go back to giving your son some Abilify, but it was 12 days ago now.           They may recommend a lower dose.      Does your son have seizures, is that why he has depakote?

1992 Dothiepin 375mg 8 weeks, exhaustion/depression.  Serotonin syndrome, oh yes!  seizures . Fell pregnant, 3rd baby, Nitrous Oxide, 3 weeks mental hospital pp psychosis. zoloft tegretol.

Feb 1996 ct tegretol, tapered Zoloft 8 weeks. as (unexpectedly)  pregnant. Steven died after 3 days.(Zolft HLHS baby).  98 had run in with Paxil, 2 tablets, 3 weeks taper, survived.
2005..menopause? exhausted again. Zyprexa, mad in three days, fallout....  Seroquel, Effexor, tegretol,   and 8 years of self destruction. Failed taper.
Damn 1/4 valium... nuts again! .fallout, zoloft 100mg  seroquol 400mg mirtazapine 45 mg  tegretol 400mg.  Mid 14 3 month taper. Nov 14 CRASH.
Mid 15 ....   75mg  seroquel,  3 x 1800mg SJW  2 week window end of December followed by 6 week wave
5/2 68mg seroquel, 2.5 x 1800mg SJW::::20/2 61mg seroquel, 2.5 x  SJW::: 26/2 54mg seroquel, 2 x SJW::::21/3 43mg seroquel, 1 x 2700SJW :::: 23/4 36mg seroquel 1 x 1800 SJW
15/5 33mg seroquel, 1 x SJW::::   28/5 30mg seroquel, 1 x SJW::::;  18/6 25mg seroquel 1/2 SJW::::, 11/7 21mg seroquel 1/2 SJW::, 26/7 18mg seroquel 1/2 SJW:::, 9/8 12mg seroquel :::, 16/8 6mg seroquel ;;;;, 12/9 0 jump.

23/9  3mg.....,  27/9 0mg.  Reinstated, 6mg, then 12mg.............  LIGHTBULB MOMENT,  I have  MTHFR 2x mutations.  CFS and issues with MOULD in my home. So I left home, and working 150km away during week, loving it.

Oh was hard, panic attacks first week, gone now, along with the mould issues.

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  • Administrator

Hi, Batthy. Welcome to the forum from me, too.


Here is some information that may help regarding reinstating:


About reinstating and stabilizing to reduce withdrawal symptoms 


I would consider having your son reinstate, but please work closely with the moderators on this.


Also, I've been on a drug combination that involved combining Depakote with an antipsychotic, and there can be drug interactions. Please place all of your son's medications in this drug interaction checker, as this may help guide you in how to best proceed:


Drug Interactions Checker -- use it to reduce your drug burden


I'm glad you're here asking questions on your son's behalf. He's very lucky to have you as an advocate. 







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