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"Myths About Psychiatry"


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Found this. Will read more into it tomorrow. Meanwhile, please, share your views.




Most of the questions posed in the article, if changed into delaratives, would make for "The Truth About Psychiatry". Perhaps it'd worth contacting the author? Huffington is one of the major online players now. What do you think?

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She sounds pretty defensive and insecure. I think if you went on the attack, she would shut her ears.


On the other hand, HuffPost *is* a great place to raise consciousness about the perils of psych meds, and to advertise SA.


Maybe if you balanced your comment? -- eg "what's good about psychiatry is xxx, what needs improvement is yyyyy"

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I read the article twice in case I missed something... there are some obvious things that stick out, like no acknowledgment that drugs could cause a brain disorder, and yes, she was doing a lot of defending. However, I don't think the article was all that bad. She was trying to say, I think, that yes, there are problems, but there are problems in all aspects of research/medicine.


I agree with Healing... the HP is a good place to get the word out.



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Dr. Stotland is past-president of the American Psychiatric Association. This is from a speech she gave to rally the troops when she took office.


It represents, if you will, the farthest right-wing views in psychiatry. The arguments are nonsensical, the windiest kind of rhetoric.


I'm sure HP is publishing it to create a controversy and get traffic, now that it's owned by AOL. Respond to it if you will, with cases of patient injury, don't bother to counter the arguments.


You can include this link: survivingantidepressants.org

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