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Some insights/hopeful thoughts- "The Big Picture"

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Still in withdrawal....Mainly on and off headaches.


I am trying to be level headed and not get carried away with negative thinking like "I wish I wouldn't have gone on this stuff, doctors, pharma are evil, etc." as it only makes me suffer in the end.


I realized that the goal in my life is just "to be happy" and "free." To really find myself.


I am sure if it wasn't for the pain we are all going through now (as well as the pain of my past.) I would never be able to appreciate the delicate nature of life, and how precious and short it is.


That's why I think it's so important to really honour and treasure things like our brain and hearts, and always listen to our intuition. We do not want to pollute our brains or minds or bodies, etc. because we are all sacred and very delicate. Life does not last forever, so while we are here, we must honour what the higher power wants from us. I believe the high power, or "god" or "consciousness" wants us all to be happy and treat ourselves with loving compassion. If we don't, if we don't listen to our intuition, unfortunately, there are many people in the world that are still not conscious enough that they pollute our bodies and minds unknowingly.


If you guys are interested, Eckhart Tolle talks a lot about this.


In some strange way, I honestly think that God or consciousness is on our side if we really believe in it. I think often consciousness or god brings us pain, and great suffering so that we would pay attention to the higher power and not neglect our spiritual selves.


I am sure many of you guys have become more spiritual after this whole withdrawal ordeal. I have noticed it on this forum a lot. How people are very kind to one another, more than probably other places, and it might be due to the suffering we all endured.


It has brought us together and made us closer to god.


Anyways, this is just my opinion.


But, I do myself believe in a higher power, and I think it is currently making us suffer in order to "wake us up" to the truth and reality.


After this whole ordeal, I am sure many of guys will also be much much more wise and trusting of your intuition, rather than what "society" or "the doctors" say. If somebody is ever pushing me to do something a little too enthusiastically these days, or is indifferent, however "nice" they appear to be, I always listen to my intuition and know that person cannot be trusted.


You cannot trust someone who is not "there," whether that is doctors, big pharma, and people who call themselves saints or priests.


In fact, I strongly believe that people who become doctors and pharmacists, and who want power and control, they are mentally ill themselves. The reason I say this is because if you cannot see a human being as a human being, but rather as a machine or just an object, that is very sick indeed.


I believe in a way we are all sick in a sense that we can always be more compassionate to one another and see each other and ourselves as human beings, rather than robots, able to withstand anything. I mean that is probably the reason the doctors hand out the meds like candy. They do not realize human beings are not immortal, they are fragile and vulnerable and can get sick, die, etc.


We are all fragile (I mean in a sense that we are not machines but living beings with hopes, desires, pain, sadness, joy, etc.)

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I do believe that despite having lost my faith many years ago, I am now seeking God's help throughout this ordeal which means daily prayers to him on my daily walks - this is my meditation time I guess.  


These walks have become MY time to really come to terms with WD and edge towards acceptance etc.,


Also, you mention Eckhart Tolle - well, his teachings are now firmly in the back of my mind and an additional source of comfort as well as providing a basis and understanding of what our suffering means mentally and physically.


JC x

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