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Pokopen tapering duloxetine

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I've been tapering Duloxetine from Lupin Pharmaceuticals which come in a capsule of 5 mg mini tablets. Started from 60 mg, I took out one mini tablet at a time to 30 mg. but now withdrawal symptoms more apparent, I am switching to the bead counting using brand name Cymbalta.


My question is, how safe is mixing Lupin Pharmaceutical's duloxetine with brand name Cymbalta? In other word, how accurate is the actual potency of lupin's mini tablets? In theory, we can do as described in the original post, say, 5 mini tablets of Lupin's and 2 mg worth of brand name to create 27 mg. what I am worrying is that when its time to decrease one mini tablet using this method (e.g., 21 mg to 19 mg), is it possible to have a fluctuation in potency?


Does any of you have experience with this method? I'm sure it is safer to use brand name throughout, but mixing the mini tablet does save money. I want to know the ACTUAL experience of people using this method.



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Hello, Pokopen.


I am sorry this post was overlooked in the Cymbalta tapering topic. Some people feel a difference between the generic and brand name drugs, some do not.


How are you doing now?

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Pokopen any update?

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