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Vera-Pia: scared and excited

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I have ME/CFS and asked to try citalopram in 2003 with advice from my therapist. I was not depressed, but suffer from "low mood" according to her. It made a huge difference to concentration and I suddenly felt like myself again.


My ME/CFS have gotten dramatically worse the last few years, and I am now in bed 20-23h/day. Just got off steroids and felt much better. Read about detox and want to try, and coming off citalopram is one thing I need to do. Also I realised many of my worsening symptoms may be SSRI side effects. I want to get off to know which is which.


I tried once cold turkey (2005) and felt horrible. Tried again two weeks ago to taper from 30 to 20 but I was so irritated I could not stand myself. I will now try with the 10% approach and have just made my own citalopram solution. Thanks a million for the instruction.



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Hi Vera-- welcome to the group, I'm so glad you found us and that we have already been of help.  We have a ton of information here and are very willing to share.  You seem to have found your way around the site pretty well so I won't load you up with links.  If you have any questions at all be sure to ask.  Thank you for adding a signature block, it really helps us see what is going on at a glance.

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Any update?

We are all wondering how you are doing?

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