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KimmieK Looking to start an in person support group - RI/SE Mass

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Hi I'm not sure if I ever introduced myself so here goes. I found this site over a year after I c/t off of 4 psych drugs. Why did I c/t? For several reasons-one being the absolute ignorance of psychiatry about safely stopping. I was not told anything. A second was that years of 12 step recovery led me to think that this withdrawal would be similar to what I went through over 10 years ago. And that I would have support from people who knew me for a long time. Also, I didn't know about tapering and by the time I heard about it I thought I was past the worst of it and just held on.


My experience: I was told by psychiatry that I would not last off the drugs and that I would either be back on them or hospitalized within 6 months. Neither happened.


The 12 step folks in this area have all bought into the "dual diagnosis" medical model and most take psych drugs so when I said withdrawal they said relapse of symptoms. Even when I pointed out I helped them through their withdrawal and for some it took years my choice was seen as "non compliance" when I was really trying to save my life and get truly clean. So rejection from them too.


Family had long bought the "chemical imbalance" story and would not be open to information that said different. I had a chemical imbalance, needed the drugs like a diabetic, and that was that. So no support there.


I truly believe that this site is hugely important and helpful. I am glad it is here.


For me, if I had face to face support I believe my withdrawal wouldn't have been so hard, certainly not as isolating. I just don't get the same feeling from online as I ever did in face to face meetings.


So, I am hoping to find a few people near Rhode Island or Southeastern Mass that would like to join me in staring this. A combination informational, educational, supportive group. I have ideas and am open to other peoples. Thank you.

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Welcome back to SA.


Here is a link to your intro thread. http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?/topic/4111-kimmiek-intro-life-with-a-label/#entry48899


So you DID do an intro.  How about you bring us current with how you've been doing, your drug history, etc.  Are you healed?  In process?


Love the idea of starting a meetup in your area.  Face to face support can be such a huge help.


Please fill in some of the blanks so we can learn from what you've done and not done.





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Sounds like a great idea Kimmie...I would sign up right now but I think IN to Rhode Island is too long of a commute! The whole "dual diagnosis, chemical imbalance, same problem re-surfacing" is definitely hard to get past. If all those believers would spend an hour on this site, they may change their minds. I have considered asking my family to read this forum to understand what I am going through, and I will, if I ever get the courage to actually tell them. As it is they all think I am "just depressed", "just sick", or a hypochondriac so I don't trust them to tell them the truth. So shame and secrets contribute to my lack of well-being.


I hope you are successful in getting even just a couple of people together to support each other. When is this psych drug mess ever going to be exposed for what it is? Sadly, I often wish I had gotten physically/mentally dependent on narcotics or alcohol, because I know many who recover from that.


Good luck with this.



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Hi thanks for the link to my intro, I wrote more than I thought. As far as am I healed, well physically for the most part I am. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping but it goes away. Sometimes I have pain but I'm getting older (lol). It's really the loss of my social life and connecting with other folks that get where I have been and want to also move forward that I miss.


In one respect time has been a bit of a help.


I really hope we can get a few of us together. I really don't enjoy writing as much as speaking and listening. I am no expert on withdrawal - except for mine - so I think others opinions and experiences are invaluable. I do have experience as a peer and in 12 step, so taking the best from that could be a start. Together we could really create something positive!

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