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Hello all,


Does anyone have some knowledge about molds? I read that they can influence neurochemistry when the body is infected. They often grow when the GI system is not working properly. They can cause lots of symptoms like fatigue, depression, skin issues and on and on.

I had some problems with a yeast fungus (Candida Albicans) in my youth and wonder if those may be back. It often comes with the Aspergillus Niger and I have a strong reaction to that as my GI test stated. Wonder if that can have an influence on recovery.

End of 2008: Remeron 15mg for around 2 months. Unorthodox taper, no problems.
End of August 2009: Lexapro 10mg for only 4 days. Panic attack after 3 pills. Severe gastro problems in the morning for 3 days after last pill. 2 weeks later strong w/d symptoms set in.

Acute WD lasted around 3.5 years. I am feeling much better today, 5.5 years out, but still have some symptoms left.

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