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ssris, benzos , affecting IQ?


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Does anyone here  think that taking these drugs or withdrawal from them can actually lower IQ? I am in 6 years of withdrawal and feel  off mentally on many levels;  1.. My memory is really poor now, i read things and can't remember them at all'  im not quick at All on my feet anymore, i just feel very off now!  Anyone else feel like they are less intelligent basically, i just wandered cause im frustrated and a little dis heartened  does anyone else feel this way or have answers why i feel  this way?

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I feel the same way. I've tried cold turkey a few years back, and it felt like I broke my brain. I reinstated and generally felt better. I've noticed over the years of taking 50 mgs of Zoloft A mental decline, and especially when you come off it. I think you're gonna be ok. It just takes a lot of time. I can't even get my stuff together in the morning.

took 50 mgs. Of Zoloft for thirteen years

Last dose 50mg of zoloft on 12-31-15

6.2mgs 1-01-16 reduced

6.2mgs. 4-01-16 reduced

6.2mgs. 7-01-16 reduced

First dose of 30mg on 7-01-16

Also taking .5 mgs of melatonin, milk peptide, and valerian root.

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