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What does healthy communication in relationships look like?

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OK, so my bf and I just broke up, and I want to know what healthy communication looks like. There was a situation where I felt right, and he felt right, and he wanted me to apologize while I want him to be more sympathetic and helpful.


I've been off wellbutrin for 6 weeks now, and I've been working on being more open, honest and authentic with myself and others. I've been a door mat my whole life, so I have issues from that. But I feel that 'DBT'ing my way through life is kinda inauthentic. I would talk myself out of any confrontation, no matter how many boundaries were crossed.


I feel like I'm at this point where I'm just ITCHING to express myself to others.


People who have crossed my boundaries in the past would also talk and criticize me out of challenging them. Good old manipulation. What's a good marker for recognizing when I'm truly out of line? How do I know that people aren't trying to silence me?


I do feel guilty over some things I say from time to time, and I do apologize if it's bothering me.


I guess the 'last straw's fight with my bf, I don't feel sorry....at all. And I don't feel out of line.


Am I, the crazy lady who's been on medication, do I have the right to trust myself on something like that?

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