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Vitacost Magnesium Lawsuit Settlement - Recall!


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For anyone who bought Vitacost Chelated Magnesium between Oct 22, 2010, and June 16, 2016, there has been a recall and you are entitled to a refund under a class action lawsuit!


Please go to:  http://www.vitacostm...6_final-web.pdf


To file a claim which must be postmarked before 28 September 2016!


I just stumbled onto this today while I was researching fish oils and ConsumerLabs.  I probably bought a dozen bottles during that time, as hubby and I both take 2-3 tablets daily!  There is only $360,000 available for settlement to be divided among claimants, but this is kind of flying under the radar.


Additionally, VitaCost has re-arranged their "Order History" so you cannot call up how much you ordered of any one item, so we have to "trust them" to get it right.


The reason for the recall is that the product, Chelated Magnesium , was listed as ALBION® magnesium glycinate  and contained at least 60% magnesium oxide (which, as we know, is like chewing rocks to get your magnesium).


SIX YEARS they mislabelled their product and sold the much cheaper oxide as glycinate!


(I tried to upload the claim form, but it is "too large" for SA server.  The link will take you there.)


I no longer recommend VitaCost, nor will I buy from them myself.  They really lost my trust big time on this one.  Sure, they've fixed it, but what else didn't get caught?



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Whoa, that's terrible. And calling their counterfeit Albion, too, that's deliberate fraud.


I get Doctor's Best High Absorption 100% Chelated Magnesium, it has no "buffer." (The "buffer" in other mag chelates is mag oxide, I couldn't find out why.)

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