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Ram Dass - Still Here


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I am determined to face my issues. I feel that during the times of extreme anxiety and fear, one thing often comes up that scares me to death; getting older and suffering. I also have fear of the future and what it holds for me in my security and it's usually a very gloomy thought. So these withdrawals bring up so much of my fears and blows them ridiculously out of proportion. I am going to see this as an opportunity to learn and face my fears and come to terms with them.


Ram Dass has a book out called "Still Here". For those that don't know, he is a Spiritual Guru that wrote the book "Be Here Now" from the early 70's. This newer book, "Still Here" he has written at age 72 and dealing with paralysis from a stroke. The book is about growing old and also finding meaning in suffering. I can't wait to get the book. Has anyone read this or know of Ram Dass?


Here are a couple of links to videos of him regarding suffering and the wisdom gained through suffering:


Ram Dass on Suffering

Wisdom From Suffering by Ram Dass

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I relate to your fears VERY well. The genepool ends with me--i have no kids, neices, nephews, and my only sibling is a bad drug addict. I'm finally leaving my husband (long overdue). I've been on disability for 10 yrs (neck injury originally) and have felt trapped in my situation and extremely afraid of being alone. I've lived with a "this is better than nothing" mentality for the last decade, but 'woke up' in the last few months, perhaps as I've come out of the AD haze.

Im trying to take things one day at a time, very difficult for this control freak. :-o.

I had bag lady syndrome from a young age even though I grew up very comfortable and have not had to go w/o. Im not clear on the etiology of it. I recall Katie Couric saying she has it. My guess is that it's a control thing.

I know of Ram Dass, but have not read. There is a book I heard of recently Embracing Uncertainty or similar. I try to remember that as much as we plan and try to control our futures, there will always be the curveballs. My father always drilled into me to have health insurance. Now I wonder, had I NOT had such good insurance, would I have been so willing to take all of the meds? Water under the bridge, but interesting how a good plan can go awry.

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I also can relate. I had a bag lady syndrome also. I had this picture of myself all alone on some dark road out in somewhereville. I don't think it's a control issue tho... the thought of it made me feel so scared that actually, I felt out of control.


I do know of Ram Dass, and think I did read his first book years ago. I didn't know he had written a second book. I doubt I'll read it tho... I've read and heard enough about suffering to last me the rest of my life.


None of us will make it out of this world alive... several people I knew passed in the last year. But, while I'm here, I'm intent on not suffering and trying to enjoy the rest of my life. That includes staying away from people I find toxic. A lot easier said than done for me, but I'm trying.


Barb... just want to mention that there is nothing better than being around kids (well, for me). Have you thought about being a "big sister" or volunteering at a elementary school?



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Oh! "Bag Lady Syndrome". I never heard that phrase before. That's it, that's me! I didn't know it was so common that it had a name. I just looked it up:


"Bag-lady syndrome is a non-medical term for a common anxiety among women: the fear that they will end up destitute and on the streets. It affects women from all social strata and can be crippling. One psychiatry prof calls it a specialized form of psychotic depression -- but it's surely telling that this particular anxiety is common at this moment, when consumer debt is on the rise, crazy "exotic" mortgages are the norm, and scaremongers are telling us that Social Security is doomed." Bag Lady Syndrome


Nice that people can relate to me, but sad that you feel this too. This is such a problem. I was even diagnosed with Psychotic Depression. I have to force myself to stay in the Now and trust that my future will be fine. Repeating a lot of affirmations helps me some.

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