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The Psychopharmacology of Everyday Life

Jamieson Webster




School Shootings: Mental Health Watchdog Says Psychotropic Drug Use by School Shooters Merits Federal Investigation




Medication for mental health: Call to 'end pill-shaming'


"You're weak for taking them." "Why do you need that?" "I wouldn't date someone taking medication."

These are all examples of pill-shaming - where people criticise others and make them feel guilty for taking medication for their mental health.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is worried that people are being made to feel so ashamed that they're put off getting help for conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Video Journalist: Laura Foster





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The sun may be coloured, yet ever the sun
Will sweep on its course till the Cycle is run.
And when into chaos the system is hurled
Again shall the Builder reshape a new world.

Your path may be clouded, uncertain in your goal:
Move on – for your orbit is fixed to your soul.
And though it may lead into darkness of night
The torch of the Builder shall give it new light.

You were. You will be! Know this while you are:
Your spirit has travelled both long and afar.
It came from the Source, to the Source it returns –
The Spark which was lighted eternally burns.

It slept in a jewel. It leapt in a wave.
It roamed in the forest. It rose from the grave.
It took on strange garbs for long eons of years
And now in the soul of yourself It appears.

From body to body your spirit speeds on
It seeks a new form when the old one has gone
And the form that it finds is the fabric you wrought
On the loom of the Mind from the fibre of Thought.

As dew is drawn upwards, in rain to descend
Your thoughts drift away and in Destiny blend.
You cannot escape them, for petty or great,
Or evil or noble, they fashion your Fate.

Somewhere on some planet, sometime and somehow
You will reflect your thoughts of your Now.
My Law is unerring, no blood can atone –
The structure you built you will live in – alone.
Your lives with your longings will ever keep pace
And all that you ask for, and all you desire
Must come at your bidding, as flame out of fire.

Once list’ to that Voice and all tumult is done –
Your life is the life of the Infinite One.
In the hurrying race you are conscious of pause
With love for the purpose, and love for the Cause.

You are your own Devil, you are your own God
You fashioned the paths your footsteps have trod.
And no one can save you from Error or Sin
Until you have hark’d to the Spirit within.

~ * ~

The above poem, which is quite well known, is said to be a Maori poem written in the 18th century by Tieme Ranapiri and translated into English by Kere Graham, who certainly did a beautiful job with the translation.

This poem really captures and expresses the pure essence of Theosophy. Central teachings of the Theosophical philosophy are found clearly portrayed in those inspirational verses, such as…

(1) Cyclic evolution of the Cosmos (the Law of Cycles or Periodicity).
(2) The long path of soul evolution from the lowest kingdom of Nature up to the human kingdom and eventually beyond.
(3) The ongoing process of reincarnation or re-embodiment.
(4) The great moulding influence of our own thoughts and consciousness upon our future.
(5) The Oneness and Divineness of all life.
(6) The law of self-created destiny, which makes each of us solely responsible for our own actions, which in due time will inevitably bring forth the corresponding reaction, i.e. the Law of Karma.

In fact, the Three Fundamental Propositions of Theosophy, found in the Proem to “The Secret Doctrine” by H.P. Blavatsky, are the very basis of this poem, which just goes to show the timelessness and universality of those all-important truths.

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The Invitation

by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

It doesn't interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for, and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart's longing.

It doesn't interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive.

It doesn't interest me what planets are squaring your moon. I want to know if you have touched the center of your own sorrow, if you have been opened by life's betrayals or have become shriveled and closed from fear of further pain!I want to know if you can sit with pain, mine or your own, without moving to hide it or fade it, or fix it.

I want to know if you can be with joy, mine or your own, if you can dance with wildness and let the ecstasy fill you to the tips of your fingers and toes without cautioning us to be careful, to be realistic, to remember the limitations of being human.

It doesn't interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself; if you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul; if you can be faithlessand therefore trustworthy.

I want to know if you can see beauty even when it's not pretty, every day,and if you can source your own life from its presence.

I want to know if you can live with failure, yours and mine, and still stand on the edge of the lake and shout to the silver of the full moon, “Yes!”

It doesn't interest me to know where you live or how much money you have. I want to know if you can get up, after the night of grief and despair, weary and bruised to the bone, and do what needs to be done to feed the children.

It doesn't interest me who you know or how you came to be here. I want to know if you will stand in the center of the fire with me and not shrink back.

It doesn't interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you, from the inside, when all else falls away.

I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.


Oriah Mountain Dreamer


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“Will we stand idly by, cynical and apathetic, while what’s left of society is dismantled, piece by piece, as a sacrificial offering to the great god Mammon? Or will we, fueled by sheer rage, stand up as one to the orgiastic misanthropy of our “leaders” and smash their petty little self-aggrandizing ambitions into dust?"

By Chris Wright




Extinction Rebellion 



We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. The government has failed to protect us. To survive, it’s going to take everything we’ve got.


The Government must tell the truth about the climate and wider ecological emergency, reverse inconsistent policies and work alongside the media to communicate with citizens.
The Government must enact legally binding policy measures to reduce carbon emissions to net zero by 2025 and to reduce consumption levels.
A national Citizen’s Assembly to oversee the changes, as part of creating a democracy fit for purpose.


Rebels from outside the UK please sign up at xrebellion.org

Our time is up. We’ve got nothing left but rebellion.


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We intend to challenge the stories which underpin our civilisation: the myth of progress, the myth of human centrality, and the myth of our separation from ‘nature’.

— Uncivilisation: The Dark Mountain Manifesto - 




About the Dark Mountain Project - 



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“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think it terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 

— Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943)


William A. Tiller - 

"For the last four hundred years, an unstated assumption of science is that human intention cannot affect what we call 'physical reality.' Our experimental research of the past decade shows that, for today's world and under the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct. We humans are much more than we think we are and Psychoenergetic Science continues to expand the proof of it." 



Viktor Schauberger



The Inexhaustible Power of Water
Over 75 years ago, one man showed us how to purify water naturally and how to harness its colossal power. If we were to ­follow Viktor Schauberger’s teachings today, pure and healthy water would be within our reach, as well as the ability to produce almost limitless amounts of energy from plain water and air—for next to nothing. If we replaced the death-techno­logy of the explosion with the bio-technology of the implosion, mankind’s biggest problems could be solved—which is the reason why it has been held back to this day.


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This man's work is another perspective - 






All the same / depressing news from the field of rights for the disabled / mentally ill - 

Mental Health Act review ‘falls significantly short on human rights’ - 



The Mental Health Act: An Alternative Review from Hearing Voices England



Police targeting of disabled protesters is ‘an outrage and a scandal… and it’s set to spread’






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Just now, cpuusage said:

Mental Health Act review ‘falls significantly short on human rights’ - 



The Mental Health Act: An Alternative Review from Hearing Voices England




Disappointed by this and Simon Wessely saying UN convention recommendations 'go too far.' Who are they going too far for? Mental distress is an illness as much as any other and vulnerable people deserve the protection of full human rights.

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"Let's start off with a question. In the symphony of life how many
of you feel that you’re sometimes a sour note? You’ve come to the
right place to change all that. Life is indeed like a symphony which
has no conductor and all the musicians play whatever they want to
play as individuals so there’s nothing but din and clamor and
confusion, every musician determined to outplay and out-blast
the other one. And strangely enough, every musician wanting to
be the one to finish first, to be the winner.
Isn’t it about time that illustration became more than an illustration
to you? And your daily self-watchfulness will be to know that that is
true of you, that you’re taking life as a competition, that you have
to beat someone else out, play louder, play more attractively, so as
to get the applause of the audience, and all it does is wear you out.
So make up your mind that you’re not going to think of your life as
a competitive contest in which you’re supposed to get something from
someone else; because if and when you do, it will be at their expense.
You see, you have to be without a conscience to be one of those mad
musicians playing at the top of the instrument, hoping that somehow
there is something to win by behaving in that ridiculous manner -
and there is not."

- Vernon Howard 
    from a talk given 7/17/1988
  Vernon Howard's Higher World - MP3 CD Volume 21, talk 523, track 17

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The Rapid Decline Of The Natural World Is A Crisis Even Bigger Than Climate Change
A three-year UN-backed study from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform On Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services has grim implications for the future of humanity.




"Nature is in freefall and the planet’s support systems are so stretched that we face widespread species extinctions and mass human migration unless urgent action is taken. That’s the warning hundreds of scientists are preparing to give, and it’s stark.


The last year has seen a slew of brutal and terrifying warnings about the threat climate change poses to life. Far less talked about but just as dangerous, if not more so, is the rapid decline of the natural world. The felling of forests, the over-exploitation of seas and soils, and the pollution of air and water are together driving the living world to the brink, according to a huge three-year, U.N.-backed landmark study to be published in May.


The study from the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform On Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), expected to run to over 8,000 pages, is being compiled by more than 500 experts in 50 countries. It is the greatest attempt yet to assess the state of life on Earth and will show how tens of thousands of species are at high risk of extinction, how countries are using nature at a rate that far exceeds its ability to renew itself, and how nature’s ability to contribute food and fresh water to a growing human population is being compromised in every region on earth."

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An interesting area of research - 

Delta wave & schizophrenia 


Delta wave




"People suffering schizophrenia have shown disrupted EEG patterns, and there is a close association of reduced delta waves during deep sleep and negative symptoms associated with schizophrenia. During slow wave sleep (stages 3 and 4), schizophrenics have been shown to have reduced delta wave activity, although delta waves have also been shown to be increased during waking hours in more severe forms of schizophrenia.[22] A recent study has shown that the right frontal and central delta wave dominance, seen in healthy individuals, is absent in patients with schizophrenia. In addition, the negative correlation between delta wave activity and age is also not observed in those with schizophrenia.[23]"




What is the function of the various brainwaves?




Schizophrenia linked to abnormal brain waves

Neuroscientists discover neurological hyperactivity that produces disordered thinking.

Anne Trafton, MIT News Office 
October 16, 2013




Could Altering Brain Waves Help People With Schizophrenia?
Kathleen Cho, UCSFDecember 10, 2015




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Same cause / effect; aetiology question, but something to certainly look into. 

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Disability Hierarchy is Real and It’s Holding Us Back


"Ed Roberts, one of the founders of the Disability Rights Movement in the United States, was a man who understood the importance of unity within the disability community.

Ed Roberts knew that unless and until everyone across the disability spectrum – the deaf, blind, physically disabled, people with chronic and non-visible disabilities, the neuro-diverse, mentally ill, developmentally and intellectually disabled – could come together, we were going to go nowhere real fast.


Straddling a few of the disability spectrums as I do with the d/Deaf community, C-PTSD and TBI communities and the parents of people with Down syndrome community, I see this quite a lot, as it is expressed in disability hierarchy and also within the lack of unity and harmony within different disability communities."




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"The best way to view just how deliberately provocative this NATO exercise in the Black Sea is - and the previous placing of NATO military on Russia's borders, as well as the constant encouraging of Russia phobia- is to consider the opposite. What would be the American and EU outcry, if Russia and its allies held naval exercises in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, placing military on islands there and on the Mexican border?
I'm no Russian stooge but this sort of provocation is coming from the west. Lead by America of course, God help us, but backed by its stooges, especially Britain.
Remember the Cuban missile crisis? Imagine Trump instead of Kennedy. It was not a time for a blustering fool and his warmongering staff at the head of the US. Neither is this increasingly dangerous situation.
Fortunately, Russia is lead by sane and clever pragmatists, who know Trump won't be there forever and that it is all just American bluster, but they must prepare nevertheless.
They know America goes through such blustering periodically, to placste the industrial-Military complex if nothing else, a bull in a china shop comes to mind.
My own thoughts are that the EU and Britain (I seem to be separating them already) should increase what they have begun, back off from unquestioning support of American flexing of their muscles.
Europe knows Russia just wants secure borders and good trade, preferably with the international influence that comes with that.
In regard to the elephant in the room, the Crimea, one should consider why the Russians annexed it.
During the Great Withdrawal from the Eastern bloc satellites, and the Great Chaos of the drunkard Yeltsin and rise of the criminal oligarchs, Russia was assured that the EU and NATO would not expand east. This placated the Russians for a while, surprisingly naive for once, then EU and NATO began expanding east.
Russia realised that the west could not be trusted and considered the future, completely surrounded by hostile powers.
The Crimean ports are essential for Russian defence and oceanic trade, so they did the only thing they saw open to them, seeing as the west was in hostile expansive mode, and as the Crimea descended into a fascist uprising, they annexed the Crimea before it could be made into an American military base. That would have been a permanent disaster for Russia and they could not allow that to happen.
What I find a little surprising is that the Russians did not just move in and annex the eastern provinces at the same time. that until the 1950s were Russian anyway.
After all, they would have already realised the international outcry that would arise. They would not have received much more criticism if they had taken back the eastern provinces as well.
As it is, now there is a constant standoff at the expense of the inhabitants of the eastern provinces, both Ukrainian and Russian.
Something to be aware of. If this pushing of Russia increases, they will react with something hard, probably at the Ukraine's expense. The eastern provinces maybe, making the Azov Sea a Russian lake.
They are no doubt watching negotiations between America and the Ukraine, and if they sense a mutual treaty of protection, or a build up of western forces beyond the needs for bluster, they might just pre-empt American moves, and turn south east Ukraine into south west Russia. It would be a necessary military strategy if nothing else, preparing for the inevitable conflict.
What are your thoughts?"
-Joseph Connell

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Mental Health – the alternative textbook is a revision and renaming of Psychiatry – the alternative textbook (published in 2009). Volume 1: The Failure of the Medical Model is a critique of standard mental health procedures and the dubious beliefs that determine the forms they take.




Whereas in general medicine there is a push for evidence-based practice, in mental health this is largely ignored. None of the categories of mental health diagnosis – i.e., of functional mental disorder (the so-said mental illnesses) – are endorsed by sound medical science; they simply correspond roughly to particular behavioural signs and what patients say they perceive, feel and believe.


Nor is psychiatric medicine demonstrably efficacious: research finds that where patients’ conditions sometimes seem to improve with medical treatment, it is not measurably more than by placebo or no treatment at all. Moreover, and despite the dogmatic assertions of the professionals, there is no biochemical or genetic evidence to support the perennially seductive ‘medical model’ of mental illness.


On the other hand, when they enter the mental health system, it is routine for distraught and confused people to find themselves stigmatised, isolated and subjected to procedures that are often unhelpful and even detrimental to their emotional, mental or physical wellbeing. This persuades us that psychiatry’s so-called medical model is essentially an ill-conceived and wishful response to the universal dread of emotional and mental chaos – that the main thrust of today’s ‘good practice’ is oppressive to the suffering individual but serves first of all to quieten the fears of everybody else.


In short, no matter how fine the intentions of the officials, we cannot avoid concluding that psychiatry and the wider mental health response wears the mask of scientific medicine so as to work the levers of an overbearing social power.


In 1986 the three main collaborators on this book founded Asylum – a magazine for democratic psychiatry. Run by a loose collective of volunteers, this continues as an independent, non-partisan forum for the expression of the views of anyone with an interest in mental health issues, whether a current or former patient or service-user, any kind of mental health worker, a carer, or simply an interested member of the public.


Alec Jenner, MB, ChB, PhD, FRCP, FRCPsych, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry (Sheffield), Profesor Visitante (Conception, Chile), practiced for fifty years and was one of the leading psychiatrists of his generation. After qualifying in medicine he was recruited to psychiatry for his expertise in biochemical research. In 1967 he was appointed Professor at Sheffield and manager of the psychiatric services for the whole of the Trent Region – a population of six million. Meanwhile, he had carried out the first double-blind UK trials on Librium and Valium, and was made Honoury Director of the UK’s Medical Research Council Units for Chemical Pathology of Mental Disorders and for Metabolic Studies in Psychiatry. Alec Jenner was also instrumental in a number of reforms. In particular, he initiated Sheffield’s Phoenix House Drug Addiction Rehabilitation Unit (the second biggest in the country) and established the city’s specialist psychogeriatric service. He was the first Western psychiatrist to draw the public’s attention to the political use of psychiatry in the Soviet Union. In light of the accumulating evidence, and in opposition to the prevailing but unproven and often harmful ‘medical model’, Professor Jenner came to advocate a humanistic kind of social psychiatry. A regular contributor to Asylum, his vision, organisational skills and financial help were vital in setting-up the magazine and keeping it going.


Lin Bigwood, RMN, BA (Hons), MA (York), Dip Couns began psychiatric nursing as a cadet, more than forty years ago. After nursing for some years, she took a degree in Sociology and later a master’s degree in Social Policy. She has experience of working and managing in many areas of psychiatry, counting nine acute admission wards (including forensic) and A&E. In 1984 Lin was a Nurse Tutor when she organised an international conference on the government’s proposals to close down the big old psychiatric hospitals and introduce Care in the Community. At the plenum of the conference it was decided to establish a magazine (Asylum) so as to continue openly debating mental health issues. At about the same time, she heard from some patients (and then some staff) that two senior psychiatrists had been sexually assaulting female patients for many years. In order to discredit and silence her when she ‘blew the whistle’ on this abuse and its cover-up, in 1986 managers and executives in local, regional and national organisations of the NHS, in a university, and in her trade union conspired to have her sacked, thereby terminating her high-flying nursing career. She was only able to return to nursing in 1997, when the political climate had thawed and the police finally began to investigate and confirm the existence of the long-running abuse.


Phil Virden, MA (Oxon), MA (Leics), won a scholarship to read Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He then took an MA in Sociology at Leicester. For ten years he was a lecturer in Sociology at York University. In response to his outspoken democratic and critical activities, when the Conservatives were elected in 1979 his academic and teaching career was soon terminated by his being illegally sacked and blacklisted. He has since made his way in a variety of occupations, but for more than thirty years he also channelled a commitment to the struggle for human rights into the movement for democracy in psychiatry. He was Executive Editor of Asylum magazine for its first six years, and also did most of the typing, design, lay-out and secretarial work. He still contributes to the magazine, and in 2008 once again became Executive Editor.

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"To our knowledge, this study is the first comprehensive epidemiological study of trauma exposure and PTSD in young British people. We found that nearly one in three young people experienced trauma and one in four of those exposed to trauma developed PTSD by age 18 years. Trauma-exposed young people, and particularly those with PTSD, had complex psychiatric presentations, high risk of harm to themselves, and functional impairment. However, only a minority received help from health professionals. We provided initial, proof-of-principle evidence based on internal validation that psychosocial and clinical risk factors might be used to make individualised risk predictions with adequate prediction performance."


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Zero Point Energy, Kundalini and Shaktipat

Zero Point Energy

Quantum theory has revealed the presence of an all-pervasive background sea of quantum energy in the universe. Cambridge University’s Dr. Harold Puthoff was one of the first to measure this energy. He found what he called a ‘seething cauldron’ of energy and it was given the name zero point energy (ZPE). Harold Puthoff proved that the physical vacuum is not devoid of energy at all. Princeton University’s John Wheeler and Richard Feynman valued the zero point energy and calculated that a cup of zero point energy is enough to bring all the oceans of the world to boiling point. 

The term "Zero-point" refers to zero degrees Kelvin and it means that the energy is not thermal in nature. Quantum electrodynamics theorizes that all particles are intertwined in a vacuum polarization interaction with zero-point energy. Ordinary electromagnetic waves are called transverse electromagnetic waves, to distinguish them from the new scalar longitudinal electromagnetic waves. These scalar waves do not actually exist in our "material" world, but exist only in the vacuum of empty space, or the time domain. The emptiness of the vacuum is in fact not empty, but is a vast ocean of scalar energies (as opposed to vector energies) that underlies all physical reality. The scalar energy ocean is sometimes called zero-point energy-the all-pervading energy that fills the fabric of space.

In the early 20th century Nikola Tesla was the first to discover the scalar wave. He had conducted many experiments while sending scalar waves around the Earth proving that scalar waves propagate over long distances with no loss in field strength. Unlike our current familiar electromagnetic wave that dissipates and loses its energy at a rate equal to the square of the distance from the source, Tesla’s longitudinal waves could travel any distance with practically no loss of energy.

A Russian scientist, Kozyrev, rediscovered Tesla’s new type of non-electromagnetic energy that travels in spiraling waves and called it torsion waves. Scientists now believe that torsion waves can be regarded as information carrying waves rather than energy waves. It has been suggested that torsion waves are linked to human consciousness and are created by human thought and emotions. Torsion waves are the interface between the mental and the physical world.

Max Planck, the inventor of Quantum theory, had hinted at the existence of non-material force behind the universe of atoms. He said: ”All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” 
Einstein and Dr. Eli Cartan predicted the existence of static torsion fields in 1913 in a theory that became known as the Einstein-Cartan Theory or ECT for short. Torsion fields never got very much interest in physics until Kozyrev discovered their actual existence.

Quantum physicist David Bohm also believes that the universe is holographic in nature and that there is an undivided wholeness of all things. It is useless to think in terms of separate particles since they are like little whirlpools in the river, you can’t tell where the whirlpool starts and the river ends. Bohm goes on to say that consciousness is not only present in animate life forms but also in inanimate matter since, energy, space, time and consciousness are not separate things.

Contemporary science is revealing that the firm belief in a distinction between the material and the spiritual world is false. There is no duality, the universe is constructed from one and one substance only and both the physical and mental world springs forth from this single substance called the aether. Many scientists have crossed the bridge between science and spirituality and now believe that the primordial conscious energy of the universe is the first cause of creation. They believe that the empty space of the universe is not empty at all. It contains a spiritual energy that modern day science has rediscovered as the aether but this energy has been known for thousands of years in many ancient spiritual traditions by names such as the Prana, Chi, Ki and Akashic energy of the universe.
Know Thyself

Kundalini, or Kundalini-Sakti (Sanskrit). A term of which the essential meaning is " circular " or " winding " or "spiral" or "coiling" action, or rather energy, and signifies a recondite power in the human constitution. Kundalini-Sakti is derivative of one of the elemental forces of Nature. It works in and through, in the case of man, his Auric Egg, and expresses itself in continuous action in many of the most familiar phenomena of existence even when man himself is unconscious of it. In its higher aspect Kundalini is a power or force following winding or circular pathways carrying or conveying thought and force originating in the Higher Triad. Abstractly, in the case of man it is of course one of the fundamental energies or qualities of the Prānas. Unskilled or unwise attempts to interfere with its normal working in the human body may readily result in insanity or malignant or enfeebling disease.


G de Purucker

Occult Glossary, page 92






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Conflict, compromise and collusion: dilemmas for psychosocially-oriented practitioners in the mental health system






"The nature and causes of mental health problems are contested. The dominant approach in services views them as “illnesses like any other”. The structure, legislative base and practices of mainstream mental health services are largely predicated on this idea, known variously as the medical, illness, disease or diagnostic model. By contrast, psychosocial theories highlight the role of the events and circumstances of peoples’ lives. The tension between these two approaches can lead to challenges and dilemmas for psychosocially oriented practitioners. Clinical psychologists participated in interviews and a focus group about these challenges and how they managed them. A grounded theory was constructed which suggested that their responses took three forms: openly “dissenting” (conflict), strategically “stepping into” the medical model (compromise), or inadvertently “slipping” into it (colluding). Strategies for managing the challenges included focusing on clients; foregrounding clients’ contexts and understandings; holding the tension between “expert” and “not-knowing” approaches; using ordinary language; forging robust working relationships; being mindful of difference and of constraints on colleagues; recognising one’s power and ability to influence; self-care and work/life balance; taking encouragement from small changes; consolidating a personal philosophy; mutual support and solidarity; drawing on scholarship and finally engaging in activism outside work."

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