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Stop Psychotherapy Takeover

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This is what the utube video says at the bottom they blame pharma I don't know if it is true or not.... just what it says...see for yourself


"Published on 19 Aug 2015

Giant pharmaceutical companies have used their lobbyists to secretly pass legislation in Ontario, Canada that, in effect, outlaws every type of holistic healthcare option currently offered by thousands of skilled and dedicated practitioners. They started in Ontario and, if this law gets the final signature to make it enforceable, all of Canada will be affected with similar legislation.

This legislation makes it a crime for holistic practitioners to practice, or even consult or advise, anyone seeking their services, even clients paying out-of-pocket and saving the healthcare system many billions of dollars annually. This includes everything from spiritual counseling to hypnotherapy, light therapy, family counseling and even yoga and holistic education!

The only persons now permitted to legally administer to their needs are registered psychotherapists, psychologists, MDs, nurses, occupational therapists or social workers, most of whom have little or no training in any type of natural, non-drug, holistic approaches.


I have not watched the video or read the website I don't have the energy... 



a small bit what it is about..... 



The Issue

An extremely dangerous amendment to Ontario’s laws has made 'treating' human issues of thought, cognition, mood, emotional regulation, perception or memory the newest ‘controlled act’ that only select authorized individuals may do.

If it becomes enforceable, this secretly created and deceptively worded law will mean that verbal or nonverbal interaction with another person with the intent of holistically educating or assisting them to wellness could lead virtually anyone to a year in jail and/or a $25,000 fine for doing 'psychotherapy' without a license.

This law could become enforceable any day now.

Sounds impossible? Read our ‘Legislation’ and ‘Legal Opinion’ pages to learn more.

Our plan is to have these undemocratic and breathtakingly harmful legislations repealed AND protective legislation installed, so that Ontarians never have to face this problem again.


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Thanks for posting btdt

..hold on a minute i thought the psychotherapists, and  psychologists were the non-drug good guys?

Besides shouldnt these people be licensed anyway...and gone through some form of training.....

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Natural therapists such as ministers ect are supposedly affected by this they are saying a further training would be needed by any already trained therapist and they need to join this organization.... this is where I first watched it. it also involves sale of supplements I see now I missed the beginning of the show.


They talk about different sorts of natural therapies... some with many years of training and experience.... I am not sure if this is worth taking up or not as I do not completely understand it.  I do not have much experience with natural health care but it could be that others here do.  So good to know for anyone that would like to access natural care... 


free people in a free country :) 

This lady explains it better than I ever could... 



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