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Does anyone else get any kind of hallucinations? I've pretty much had minor ones all my life. Alot of it I attribute to the Spiritual, as visions and such. I used to have them any time, but now I only have them with my eyes closed. As soon as my eyes close I get very vivid visions that can be very bizarre or innocent. But even the innocent visions and sounds can be startling when they come out of nowhere and intrude on your mind. It's like there's no boundary and control over your mind. No escape and refuge to close your eyes and have stillness and peace.


My remedies for this are effective. But sometimes not. Last night was the night before a full moon and I had them pretty bad. I am hoping this goes away with withdrawal. Is it a symptom of withdrawal?


I had the wonderful idea to put a dream catcher in my room. I don't know why I didn't think of that. I put one for my avatar.


The Stramonium is supposed to help with hallucinations, but it didn't work last night. Does anyone know any other remedies?

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