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New York Times Article On Adderall Addiction/Withdrawal


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This article appeared today in the New York Times. 


While it does not go into tremendous detail on the withdrawal piece, it does do some.



 Sept 2013-Apr 2014:  After my moms passing, I tried a series of meds. Zoloft, Lexapro,  Nortriptyline, Liquid Prozac, Cymbalta. 

 Clonzapam: 1/2014-9/2014. After given Lamictal, stopped Clonzapam at .125mgs  Remeron taper: 41.25 -0.025mgs  1/2015-4 2017.  Lamictal Taper: 200mgs-0.05 mgs 7/ 2015-11/2018.  Clonazapam  December 2018. 0.625 Had paradoxical reaction to Lamictal wd, broke my heart to take a benzo but wasn't sleeping. 3/28/,2019 -2/5/ 2021 .0115 mgai Stepped off of Clonzapam, Benzo Free

Additional Support:  Armour Thyroid 75mgs,  Magnesium Glycinate 300-500mgs, Melatonin .50-1mg, Calms Forte, Flaxseed oil, L-theanine 

July 27th, 2022**Severe Setback due to surgery/ anesthesia.

9/7/22-10/4/22 Trazadone 50-100mgs for sleep

10/13/22-11/13/22 Trazadone 1 mg to stabilize

10/4/22-11/20/22 Remeron 7.5mgs (for sleep doesn't work) 

11/20 7.3 12/4 7.0 12/14 6.9  12/22 6.6  12/31 6.3  2023  1/18 6.1  1/29 5.9

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