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What is the point?

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OK, am really struggling with everything going on and feel so bad aind see no point of going on like this pain.


I am going to ask this and bare my soul.  Have posted have no friends.   A sister who have not talked to in days and she wants me to have ect.  Tired of me being like this... like I do.  My husband is also tired of all of this as well.. like I'm not.  He is mad, yelling at me earlier and very distant and withdrawn and does not care any nore.   Estranged from daughter.   Have no one to talk to about anything.  Am too sick to go anywhere with all the anxiety, depression, physical pains and side effects and do not know where to go any way as too much stress to drive and be out is more than I can handle.   Sit almost all day.  Am extremely lonely and know have too any problems and am not attractive.  If anyone is in the same situation, what is the answer?  Started seeing therapist last week but have to make it to Monday appointment.  Even in desperation after husband yelled, I called him, but he had no real ideas to help me except prayer and read my Bible or to go to emergency room or call my pcp who is not in office today any way and he thinks I am crazy. or call suicide line.  Yeah, then they will come and take me away.  I probably need to be in hospital but that is not the answer.  Will only be drugged more.  Where do hurting people go who have no one?  How do you keep going?.  


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I don't really have any answers for you, but I did want to reply.  Nothing worse than waiting, hoping someone will reply with some help....  (I'm a "spouse of Effexor", so I check in from time to time to the Relationship threads).  


Hang in there however you can...as long as you're still around, there IS always hope.  Just one day at a time.  It gets too overwhelming when you think of the road ahead of you, or even something you know you'll have to do tomorrow or the next day.  Well, it's not that time yet, so just take the current moment and find a way to hold on.  Concentrate on your breathing and try not to entertain other thoughts.  


Something that can help--has helped many with anxious thoughts (though not necessarily because of withdrawal issues, etc.) is something called EFT--"Emotional Freedom Technique".  I've used it for years (about 10 yrs or more) for lots of little things (and a few not so little).  I have a hard time describing it, but google it.  Look for Gary Craig (he's the originator, having adapted it over the years from other modalities but sort of retired from it).  Here is Gary's website:   http://www.emofree.com


It might sound weird or look funny to you, but it can be very calming.  I read about it for months before I tried it on anything (because I was scared it wouldn't work, so I kept on researching and reading peoples' experiences about it).  You can find and learn and benefit from all the FREE stuff that's out there (you don't have to buy anything--though I think he still offers DVDs, you don't need them).  


My husband won't do it on himself, but he lets me tap on him (that'll make sense once you read about it or watch videos), and he says it's very relaxing.  All his anxiety came back once he got mostly off his Effexor.  He's managing with just the occasional Klonopin (when a work situation warrants it).  


My heart goes out to you.  Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.  


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I am sending good thoughts your way too. I hear you about being lonely. My "family" is not close to me at all and we barely ever speak. I have few friends and no significant other. Hang in there, there are others who get it.

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i am also in pain with deep depression and anxiety. also agoraphobic for the last year. i am also in gabapentin wd which as made everthing worse. I feel like i have permenant brain damage how do i go on? help???

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