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Cruizer: sertraline / Zoloft nightmare


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Hello @Cruizer,


Sorry to interrupt your thread, I just have a question regarding your experience way back in 2016 when you tapered too quickly.


I have had an almost identical experience with sertraline in terms of horrible start-up side effects that took 3 months to abate. As well as the head symptoms and facial grimacing you too have experienced throughout your time on the drug. I’ve never been symptom free on this drug like you.


When you tapered to quickly and got stuck on 60mg, what dose did you drop from to reach 60mg and how long did it take the horrible agitation, pounding headaches etc to morph into depression, as you put. I myself have tapered to quickly and feel like I am in the same position as you were in 2016.


Many thanks if you can remember the timeline.



Nothing I say or do is based on medical advice. I make my own choices based on my intuition gained through individual research and a lot of suffering.

“The good thing about hitting rock bottom is that the only way out is up.”

Sertraline (Lustral) - 11AM: 50mg October 2020; 100mg December 2020; 50mg April 2021; 75mg May 2021; 50mg 18 September 2021; big crash 6 December 2021

Current dose: 50mg (June 2022)

Mirtazapine (Generic) - 9PM: 15mg November 2020

Current dose: 15mg (June 2022)

Amitriptyline (Generic): 20mg Dec 2016 for epigastric pain; 10mg Dec 2017; 10mg twice weekly Sep 2018; 0mg Oct 2018



Supplements: PM - Ashwagandha 1/day; Magnesium Citrate 440mg/day

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