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Marina: Venlafaxine taper

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Hi all, I'm in UK and starting to taper off venlafaxine. Can you post your success stories for tapering that are positive. I can't cope with the horror stories but know they exist. Just want some positivity. Thanks. Marina ????

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Marina I just want to personally apologise for the fact I forgot (and others appear to have forgotten) to  welcome you to sa back in 2016.

The mods are all volunteers and it can get rather busy at times. But the fact you slipped through is the exception and not the norm around here. In fact its rather unbelievable....especially with members from Waipu checking in every 2minutes.

How is it going these days. You must have felt very disappointed to not have had a reply. Can you give us another chance?

Are you still taking the venlafaxine. Have you started a taper.

How would you feel about doing a drug signature.

Do you have any questions at this time.

There is a success story thread that may be of interest to you.




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