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Mood disorder clinics?

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I think I'm starting to believe that which some people here espouse - "Don't share this with anyone."



Out of desperation I reached out to my partner for help. Some time ago he told me that he could ask a top pharmacology professor/researcher at an Ivy League-affiliated hospital for some advice or a psychiatrist referral, as a favor, since he does work for him sometimes. I made a complete list of my psych med history, going back 16 years, with current symptoms. Here is what the doctor told him:


"Most psychiatrists are in it only for money, and all psychiatrists that can help with withdrawal take no form of insurance. Her best bet is herarea's hospital-affiliated Mood Disorder clinic, at no cost to her, where a lengthy evaluation will be undertaken so that intimate knowledge of her particular brain chemistry can be gleaned." 


"The self-taper I'm doing is not the way to go about it. People with mood disorders do not make the best judgements and decisions." (The last sentence sounds so belittling, doesn't it?)


"The people I get advice from online are not qualified to give medical advice, are not medical professionals, do not know my brain chemistry, and are suffering from mood disorders just like me, rendering them unable to do what's best for them." (I wanted to scream upon hearing this).


(I tried as best as I could to explain to my boyfriend how a place such as SA works, but he just couldn't agree with the respect I have for it, stating over and over "They are not professionals.")


Partner: "You've been really deteriorating since summer of last year and have become concerningly nonfunctional. You need the guidance of a professional." (This was hard to hear.)




A lot of this was difficult to hear. Does anyone know if Mood disorder clinics really do help with tapering and withdrawals? I'm afraid that they will offer me more drugs, though it seems that they are not at all financially motivated. I'm adamant in my resolve to completely be free of any and all psychiatric meds, and will be firm. At least I'm relieved to know that my boyfriend would be okay with me walking away from them, were they to push the mainstream psych agenda on me. (Thought ultimately I think we will have a big fight, since he's much more likely to respect another professional like himself, of the same religion I suspect.)


Also, should I have kept my mouth shut? 

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I'm still shaken up, humiliated by this experience.



Would anyone else agree that intuition and insight is our right hand on this journey? And how do you translate that to loved ones who don't understand that?

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In the face of sometimes inexplicable symptoms, it's challenging to trust one's own experience, intuition, and insight. It's very difficult when someone close takes a strong opposite position. I'm sorry your partner is being so adamantly dismissive.


My verbally argumentative side would want to ask the "expert": Who does "know my brain chemistry"? How do they make this assessment? Could you send me a list of the studies that back up this assessment method and the studies or papers that identify its flaws?

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