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Someone give me akathisia hope

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I got akathisia from a potent antipshotic (latuda ) after being on it for 3 weeks.Its now been 2 1/2 months since my last pill and the akathisia isn't improving and I've tried propanalol and klonopin ...


I keep seeing Peter Breggins articles of it being permanent and so many suffering for so long


If this is permanent I won't make it thru this life .



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Hi Annabee, I just saw this and was going to direct you the Akathisia thread, but saw you've already seen it and written an unanswered post. 


People do recover from it.  It can take a while, but it does happen.  Even the worst sufferers eventually find relief.  There's many examples in the Akathisia thread, plus it's really worth checking out this intro thread by Fresh.  It has a happy ending!


I'll merge this with the other thread eventually. 

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Oh Annabee, you can't believe the Breggin articles.  I bought into him saying it was permanent when I developed it too and it was not true. It left me with no hope yet I still recovered anyway, I don't have it anymore. I was sure I'd never recover yet here I am able to sit still and to be honest not even all that inclined to even want to get up...I could lay in bed all day and never get any feeling remotely approaching it.


Please don't lose hope!


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Go read my thread. I thought I would never survive akathesia but I did....so far. I'm symptom free now. I hope to stay that way.

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