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Interesting Website in the US


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Just came across this:


https://openpaymentsdata.cms.gov/ via this link http://www.collective-evolution.com/2017/01/26/this-website-tells-you-how-much-big-pharma-pays-your-doctor-to-prescribe-drugs/?mc_cid=eb494d9505&mc_eid=9b90043348


For the US only, but apparently can show you how much your doctor is getting paid to prescribe drugs by Pharma companies.


Wish we had something like this in the UK, though I'm not sure the system works the same way as the US.



1997 - 2001 Seroxat 10mg

2001 - 2013 Escitalopram 10mg

Gradual taper from 10mg to 5mg over 2.5 years (between 2011 - 2013)

Last taper from 5mg to 0 under advice from doctor done in 1 month (too damn fast!) - included missing out days.

Have been drug free since Oct 2013.  - Yep 5 years drugs free

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Great article thanks.


from understanding my past history with doctors, very sick with asthma as a kid, I never knew any other way than trust doctors .


I have done loads of research and I cant find a reason to ever go near one again.


I don't judge myself for going on drugs because of all the trust that was put into doctors from my parents and  then me.


I think of it like a cult that I have finally woke up from and got away from.

Alcohol free since February 2015 

1MG diazepam





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