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Inflammation and healing of the brain

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Listened to the swedish radio today and the main topic was recovery after stroke. The scientist talked about the good effects of inflammation (in the brain) on the recovery of the brain after a stroke. It made me wonder if my brain isn't healing from my depression. Because I know that my CRP is low (below 0,6 mg/L). What do you think? The scientist also mentioned a theory that SSRI could help the brain to heal after a stroke... Weird.

Zoloft: summer of 2005, age 15, until Dec. 2005

Fluoxetine: Started in either 2009, 2010 or 2011, reaching 60 mg. Stopped (cold turkey) and started again. Stopped again in spring or summer of 2012. Started again in July 2013 and stopped in 2014.

Anafranil: 2014 - 2016, different doses, highest was 150 mg in spring of 2016.
June 2016, 150 mg to 75 mg overnight;

June - August 2016 reduced dosage, reaching 25 mg
Sept. 2016 last dose either 25 mg or half that dose

Lyrica: some weeks uptil a few months in 2012 and/or 2013.
Cymbalta30 mg June 14, 2016; 60 mg June 23; c/t off early July.
Inderal: 40 mg May 2015, reaching 120 mg 2016. Stopped the daily medication in fall of 2016.

Modiodal: Taken as needed, started April 2016 and stopped October 2016
Other medications taken briefly: Mirtazapin, Risperidon, Valdoxan, EdronaxLamotrigine, Tryptizol, Olanzapine, Propavan, Imovane, Lergigan, Atarax, Ipren, Citodon, Alvedon, Omeprazole
Current medications: None

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